11+ Before-And-After Pics Of Room Makeovers To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Home renovations have always fascinated me. What some people can create with only their ingenuity and some DIY guidance is amazing, and it looks like I'm not the only one who loves looking at photos of these projects.

Here are some awesome before-and-after room renovation pics people have shared online. Feast your eyes on these and let them inspire you to do your own.

1. This Cozy Living Room

The Uncommon Law

Take a look at this awesome living room makeover. It's amazing what an accent wall and some clever use of furniture did for this space.

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2. This Kitchen Pantry

Reddit | kobaltzz

It's super annoying when your kitchen pantry looks like the picture on the left. How can you even find anything? This makeover was so overdue.

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3. This Tiny Kitchen

Architectual Digest

See? Even a small kitchen like this one can be utilized properly when you change up the cabinets and add modern touches like this. Loving it.

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4. This House Remodel

Reddit | koriography

This couple remodeled their entire house themselves and I think they did a fabulous job. Don't you think so? It's totally doable if you have the time and the skills!

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5. This Bathroom Makeover


What a difference a little white paint makes, huh? It makes this bathroom so much lighter and cozier. I'm loving all the modern furniture, too.

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6. This Awesome Kitchen

A Beautiful Mess

I'm such a sucker for gorgeous kitchens and this one is beautifully redone. White cabinets and grey accents are definitely the way to go here.

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7. This Bathroom DIY


Not a bad remodel for about $900 Euros. Now, this bathroom looks more modern and inviting than before. It was a bit sterile for me, ha, ha.

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8. This Kitchen Upgrade

Reddit | ForzaItalia2016

Here's another cool way to upgrade an old-looking kitchen. I'm definitely tired of seeing these brown wood cabinets. The marble counter is a nice touch, too!

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9. This Outdoor Space

Pretty In The Pines

If you can create your own chill outdoor oasis, I give you props. This space is so cool and cozy. I would love to hang here!

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10. This Laundry Room Revamp

Reddit | bhawk1234

This black-and-white checker tile seriously needed to go. Thankfully, this room got the modern makeover it deserved.

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11. This Closet Upgrade

Imgur | uniqueid123

Even a small closet space can be utilized way better when you organize it more strategically like this. I like this shoe organization idea here.

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12. This Guestroom Makeover

Design Sponge

Talk about a dingy space that got a total makeover here. Isn't it so much more inviting now? I'd like to stay here, hee, hee.

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13. This Office Space

Imgur | djodom

Who wants to work in a cluttered office space? Nobody, that's who. I bet whoever works here will now get so much more work done.

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14. This Kitchen Overhaul

Reddit | ihwayne

Those dark red cabinets and that granite countertop went bye-bye in this kitchen makeover. The room looks much brighter and more modern now.

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15. This Astonishing Bathroom Makeover

Reddit | TRA8324

I can't believe these pics are the same room! I'm loving the brick accent walls and vintage-inspired accessories.

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16. This Chic Kitchen Redo

Reddit | marsh914

This kitchen was brought into the 21st century with a crisp and clean aesthetic. If you like a minimalist decor vibe, I bet you'll love this makeover.

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17. This Kitchen Island Upgrade

Reddit | ccroyalsenders

The most noticeable change in this renovation is the new kitchen island, complete with LED lights. It's like the kitchen island of the future.

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18. This Mini Kitchen Island Installation

Imgur | KatiMurphy

The floors and cabinets got a major facelift here. That mini island is the perfect size for extra counter space, too!

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19. This Blue Bathroom Reno

Reddit | sammyandsufi

This bathroom was definitely looking blue, if you catch my drift. Time to bring it into this century and get rid of that bright blue tub.

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Ta-da! Are you loving these after photos as much as I am?

Reddit | sammyandsufi

Wow! You would have never guessed that tub used to be the same color as Cookie Monster. I could definitely picture myself relaxing in a bubble bath here.

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20. This Sunroom Transformation


When you've got an ugly sunroom you don't know what to do with, why not turn it into a nifty laundry room instead? Great idea.

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It's truly unbelievable to see what can be done with a space that has some potential.

Giphy | HGTV

Right? I mean if there's a will there's a way as they say.

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