10+ Valentine's Day Fails That Aren't Feeling The Love

Can you believe Valentine's Day is only a few days away? Where does the time go? If you've been shopping around, I'm sure you must've seen a ton of V-Day related items on store shelves. It's pretty much inescapable, LOL!

Hopefully, you haven't seen these products that pretty much defy any kind of reasoning with their bad designs. Why did anyone even bother making them in the first place? Ha, ha.

1. This Card


Um, what in the heck? Why would anyone think this was in any way, shape, or form appropriate to give to any girl? This is ridiculous.

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2. This Message

Reddit | supernate91

Apparently, this was a message somebody discovered in their mints. This sounds like it was written by someone who was either drunk or pretty stupid.

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3. This Pet Store Sign


I think this is the last "gift" you should think of when you're making your Valentine's Day plans. LOL! Who even approved this? OMG.

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4. This Restaurant Discount Board

Reddit | emansih

Oh yes, it's always a good idea to bring your wife and your girlfriend to a Valentine's Day dinner together. Right? Am I missing something?

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5. This Sign

Reddit | Grangee

If you realize you're running out of space to write the whole message out, I suggest you start over. Doing it this way makes no sense.

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6. This Awkward Gift

Twitter | @laurenharshman

This should go into the category of what not to give your lady for Valentine's Day. If you don't know this by now, I pity you.

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7. This Inappropriate Gesture

Instagram | @fab_254

Talking about inappropriate messaging. I think this literally takes the cake. This is wrong on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin.

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8. This Positive Display

Reddit | SSJwiggy

Wow, somebody is being presumptuous here. No? I mean, aren't we supposed to believe that love will last forever or am I just a hopeless romantic?

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9. This Store Sign

Reddit | Isai76

What did I just read this sign say? LOL! Obviously, somebody needs to go back to caligraphy school because this is a big no-no.

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10. This Shirt

Reddit | HappyGirl252

If you're looking for a word jumble you can wear on your chest, go right ahead and purchase this shirt. Otherwise, I would pass on this one.

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11. This Produce Display

Reddit | h0axed

OMG, they didn't! Honestly, if I was shopping in this store, I would have something to say to the manager about this product display.

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12. This Card

Reddit | gettingbyonjoy

Ready to say, "I oove you," with this card? Something tells me they should have used a spell-checker before sending these off to the printing press.

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13. This Pair Of Boxers

Reddit | MichalNemecek

I'm pretty sure most people don't want to think about any burning sensations in this region of their body. They also forgot to remove the sample text from the design. Someone is facepalming big time right now.

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14. This Card From An Airline

Reddit | Happy_Llama_

You know, most people don't really want to think about falling and airplanes in the same thought. How did this get approved?

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15. This Box of Chocolate

Reddit | justinevoe

Oh, c'mon! This has to be the most disappointing box of chocolates I've ever seen.

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16. This Typo

Reddit | rflohoe

Not gonna lie: I totally thought this said "Turd Love." Thankfully, it doesn't say that, but this is still pretty bad.

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17. This Candle

Reddit | BeatPunchmeat

What was supposed to be a beautiful heart-shaped candle looks really problematic when its turned on its side. Yikes.

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18. This Cookie

Reddit | OMGitsHotsho

Let's be clear: That cookie is supposed to say "song," not...something else. Get your mind out of the gutter.

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19. This Sloth

Reddit | Bad_Elephant

At first glance, this sloth looks like a cute and cuddly gift until you read that heart. "I Death You?" Is that what it says? This sloth is heartless.

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20. This Squirrel

Reddit | JeepersMedia

How did nobody see that this would be a bit of a problem? I mean, I would still buy it just because it's too funny to pass up, but it's definitely not for kids!

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21. This Cake

Reddit | shley4046

Um, I'm not sure why somebody thought to put this phrase on a cake. Maybe it's for someone getting ready to have "The Talk" with their kids?

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22. This Lollipop


What happens when you turn a seemingly innocent Valentine's Day lollipop upside down? Now, you're sending a whole other kind of message. So just be warned.

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23. This Movie Selection


Share the love? Really? This is definitely not what every woman wants to watch with her man on Valentine's Day. Better luck next year. Ha, ha.

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Are these Valentine's Day designs cringe-worthy or what?


Turns out that not even Valentine's Day is immune from bad product designs. These are just too ridiculous not to laugh at.

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