8+ Hilarious Things Spotted At Target

Brittany Rae 6 Feb 2020

Target: the happiest place on Earth for those of us who don't live near a Disney park.

This is basically a list of funny things at Target, or funny things people have said about Target. You know why you're here.

Y'all ready to see some memes? Let's go.

1. Hang on...

Reddit | monanageller

You know that really famous meme of Tiffany "New York" Pollard gasping, "BEYONCÉ?"

That's me at this picture. Nicholas Cage? At Tarjay? Like us plebs?

Celebrities: maybe they are just like us.

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2. A classic snack.

Reddit | Shaitan11001

A Reddit user spotted this joke in the frozen section, which leads me to two questions: 1) Did some kid think that joke was going to be really funny, and thus made their parent do that? Or 2) Did that person stage this picture for the meme clout?


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3. This is so CUTE!

Reddit | basicwhitekat

I have nothing sassy to add. This picture that a Reddit user posted to the Target sub is the most wholesome thing I've ever seen.

I kinda want to eat it, tbh.

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4. "Enhanced Water"

Reddit | Ninjewdi

This joke has the same energy as a wine mom who calls her wine "mommy's grown up juice."

You know? Like it's funny, but this is definitely the beer version of it.

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5. This technically does make sense.

Reddit | Burn-Baby-Burn

Look at me and tell me that you wouldn't be able to figure this out. Like, as a buyer of singular bananas, you could tilt your head to the side, shrug, and say "yeah, I guess" and continue on with your day.

It could happen.

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6. Oh wow.

Reddit | Hurricanes01

Whichever Target employee (or industrious customer) did this, I salute you. This is a Target meme classic. I would know, for I am a purveyor of Target memes, you see.

Anyway, A+ for the good (if dated) reference.

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7. They did what needed to be done.

Reddit | Robbedobb

First of all, I salute whoever did this.

Second of all, they paid a big price. According to the commenters, connecting your iCloud to display phones does allow you to create masterpieces like this, but you can't log out of the phones. So your iCloud will be logged in there forever. Don't risk it for the meme.

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8. Time to book it.

Reddit | Target

As a customer, my philosophy is to avoid bothering Target employees as much as possible. Their jobs are hard enough, I can find the forks I'm looking for myself. You know?

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9. That's MISTER Target to you.

Reddit | slightlytaller

The urge to just yell at how cute this is feels very strong right now.

"The boss" dropped by one Reddit user's store, so of course they had to snap a pic.

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10. Done it.

Is there any camera more humbling than the Target checkout camera?

If you're ever feeling yourself, do not look at that thing. Unless you're like me, and in that case: make a really ugly face and zoom in on it to an annoying degree to entertain your friends.

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11. You can't make this up.

Reddit | munguia319

One Target employee spotted this at the returns area.

Sometimes, the world gifts us with a moment so perfect that it feels like it can't be real. This is one of those moments.

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12. Ah, the classic.


Can any Target meme post be complete without this gem? It's old, it's tired, but it's a classic. Someone really thought they did something that day, and we have to respect our meme elders.

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13. Oops.

Reddit | onlyamuffin

So, say this happened to you. Would taking your own hat back technically be stealing? What would happen if someone saw you take it off the rack and put it on your head?

Would a nosy Target mom rat you out? Yes, actually. That's entirely possible.

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14. This sounds believable, actually.

Facebook | @DudeDad

Target is like a vortex in which time just disappears. Have you been in there for two minutes? Two hours? two days? No one knows.

Text your loved ones if you've been in there a while. Give them peace of mind.

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15. Is this mannequin okay?

Reddit | Oganesson

A list of people this mannequin represents: Ursula.

End of list.

The shirt really is doing a valiant job of keeping that arm in its sleeve. And it has good stretch. Do I detect a hint of spandex?

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16. Why...would you do this?

Reddit | gab7400

Rather than pick up the basket or even grab a cart, this shopper chose to drag the entire basket caddy with them around the store.

I mean, it work, but at what cost?

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17. That's just not how sales work.

Reddit | RedVelvetMath

At least, I thought so. However, according to a Reddit commenter:

"This is literally how every sale works it's just that the price change team didn't do it before ad went up."

My whole shopping life has been a lie.

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18. Maybe I laughed.

Reddit | chillipepperice

I'm a simple woman. I see something that says "LOL BUTTER," I laugh. Try and tell me you wouldn't stop to take a picture of this if you saw it. Just try.

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19. Did Casper write this?

Reddit | kfraz

It's so nice that Target is now catering to the ghost population. And on such an important holiday to them, as well!

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good night.

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20. People really love the front facing cameras, huh?

Reddit | Hairyfishies

This Apple iPad (5th Generation) is available for $329.99. It comes with 64GB of storage, cellular connectivity, and a picture of this guy wearing a sombrero as the wallpaper.

It's a good deal.

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21. I can't believe this has finally been spotted in the wild.

Reddit | Whiskpixie

"Happened upon this mythical unicorn creature in its natural habitat while during my Target shopping adventure," Whiskpixie said on Reddit.

Can it be? After all these years? The rare pregnant unicorn mannequin has returned?

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22. I've seen worse deals.

Reddit | w00dw0rk3r

I love that there's just no description on this. Which bed sets? What brand? What colors are on sale?

Well, I say "sale." They're all still the same price, apparently. What a deal!

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