11+ Times Online Shopping Was Just A Big Disappointment

Brittany Rae 7 Feb 2020

Online shopping can be a gamble if you're looking to save a buck or two. Sites that have beautiful clothes displayed may send you something a little different from what you thought you ordered.

The moral of the story for these buyers? Shop somewhere you trust... oh, and always have a backup plan ready.

1. At least someone could wear it!

Reddit | kirstinrich

"My best friend bought a pregnancy photo shoot gown online, turns out it’s a bit big and poorly made. It fits my pregnant husband though. lmfao," kirstinrich said.

I'm just so happy this picture exists.

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2. Hulk smash.

What material even is that? The first dress looks like it's made of a soft cotton, the second looks like it's made of actual canvas.

0/10, no attempts were made at even trying to make them the same.

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3. There's no saving this one.

Reddit | Cnallred

Okay, so it didn't arrive as ordered. We can work with that. It can be hemmed, right?

"No, not by me anyway. It’s stretchy swimsuit material," Cnallred explained on Reddit.

Are swimming skirts a thing?

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4. Well, one thing's for sure...

Reddit | llewellyns

Deadpool himself would find this hilarious. He might even wear it.

If you see a screen-accurate version of a costume online for less than a few hundred dollars, I guarantee it'll end up looking like the one on the right.

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5. This is just so tragic.

That first dress is absolutely adorable. The second dress? I'm gonna with with "absolutely deplorable."

Not only is the color totally wrong, but the fabric looks like it was crumpled up and tossed in a garbage can for a few years.

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6. These pants were bad from the start, let's be real.

Reddit | hangrypizzas

"My aunt lost this round of online shopping roulette," Reddit user hangrypizzas wrote.

To which another user replied, "I think her sense of fashion was the first thing she lost."

And you know what? I can't disagree with that.

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7. Way to go, Amazon.

On the left we have a beautiful, ruffled, tiered dress with a lot of structure.

On the right we have a grandma's bedskirt remade into a dress, I would say.

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8. Seriously, why is everyone buying these pants?!

Reddit | jabberinjen

Multiple people have bought these pants and gotten some weird variation of them.

I will say that the pair jabberinjenn bought are way worse. They just screen printed on the buttons. That's incredible.

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9. It's a nice day for a white wedding.

Oh, sorry, did you order two plates sewn onto some lace? Because that's what you've got there.

Dresses like this have to be done by a proper tailor. Otherwise, you'll end up with plate boobs. And no one likes plate boobs.

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10. One Facebook user spilled some tea on a dodgy dress company.

Facebook | Brenda Brown

A Reddit user spotted this tea on their Facebook feed.

"They are fake. I bought a dress to go to a wedding when I saw it I almost died. Plz pls do not order!" Brenda wrote.


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11. Pretty in pink?

My favorite part of this dress fail is that the company didn't even try and include a belt. They just gave up after the crinkled skirt was sewn on.

Upside, it'll make great curtains.

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12. I think I know what we're all thinking.

That's right, it's that both of those dresses are pretty tragic. I'm glad we agree.

It looks like the second dress didn't come with anything to help fill the skirt out. And maybe was made out of three different dresses. We'll never know.

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13. Flaming-oh-no.

Reddit | TheRunningKiwi

So, let's go over the positives: there's definitely flamingos. That is a thing that cannot be denied. There's also flowers, and there's stripes.

And that's where the similarities end. Oh, this is sad. It's so sad.

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14. There are no words.


If you were wondering how legit those Wish ads are, here's your answer.

"‘Wish’ online shopping. Not even once," said this Reddit user.

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