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Photo Of Trump's Glowing Orange Face Inspires Thousands Of Hilarious Memes

Let's see him blame this one on the light bulbs.

Photographer William Moon, who posts his photos on the Twitter account @photowhitehouse, recently snapped a candid shot of President Trump walking across the South Lawn and shared it online where people were quick to notice one very startling detail: Trump's face.

I mean, that thing is positively glowing, like he just got a radioactive Doritos dust facial.

Apparently it was a particularly windy day in Washington D.C. when the picture was taken, which would explain why Trump's corn husk-yellow hair has been blown back away from his face.

But we definitely need an explanation for that nearly perfect orange line around the circumference of his face. Someone needs to introduce his beautician to a blending brush stat.

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Of course, once the internet noticed, there was stopping them from giving Trump the ol' meme treatment.

This is also how my pillow looks when I decide it's perfectly acceptable to fall asleep on my white bed sheets right after applying some tanning lotion.

Please learn from both my and Donald's mistakes.

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This person hilariously compared Trump's look to their own senile grandma's beauty habits.

Another took a stab at trying to figure out what could have possibly gone wrong to result in such a look and wrote, "The spray tan bottle exploded."

Definitely plausible.

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And it wouldn't be a Trump tan thread if we didn't see at least one Oompa Loompa tweet.

Another tweet hilariously referred to the POTUS as "Troompa Loompa" which just might be the best thing I've read all day.

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Here are some more excellent memes inspired by Trump's uber-bronzed complexion.

I'll take a pass on this sequel, thanks.

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She's stunning.

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Welcome to the Hunger Games!

Cesar, darling, you've never looked better.

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Quick, someone call U.S. Weekly. We need an answer ASAP!

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This picture is super handy if you are redoing your living room and haven't been able to find that perfect shade of orange yet.

Just tell your local paint store you want the Donald. They'll know what it means.

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They call me Heat Miser.

Honestly, he was right. He is too much.

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Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a shout out.

This was in reference to the politician's history with blackface.

Which is way worse than orange face.

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Definitely a rush job.

This is actually how I end up looking when I do my makeup with my hair up in a towel. Perhaps that was the same mistake our president made that morning?

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Or maybe this is what happened.

Obviously he doesn't know that you have to do a full 360-spin if you want full coverage.

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Some people decided Trump's kid's could use the same treatment.

But we all know their level of orange doesn't even come close to the O.G.'s. Maybe they've been spending too long in his shadow?

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Others decided Trump is a reverse-panda.

But that just feels unfair to pandas.

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And just in case you didn't have enough nightmare fuel, someone "fixed" Trump's face for him.

Good luck un-seeing that one, folks. That's the kind of pasty, weathered, Michael Myers-inspired face that just stays with you.

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But the most bizarre part of this story is the fact that the White House Photos Twitter page posted the same photo again, this time in black and white.

Perhaps this was in some sort of an effort to defend the POTUS' orange hue (he was, after all, "dancing with the sunset and strong winds"). But it definitely just made things worse, way worse.

I'd say this user's comment sums up our collective feelings the best:

"Where did he dance with the sunset, Chernobyl? His face has rotted."

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