10+ Women Who Have No Time For Your Nonsense

Here's a quick list of things women have absolutely no time for:

1 . Your nonsense

2 .

So with that in mind, here are some fantastic tweets from some of the internet's sassiest women who definitely brought enough attitude to share with the entire class.

1. We all have skin, right?

Let's talk about glorious it is to put on coconut body butter after a hot shower, or how baby-smooth your skin feels after moisturizing it at night.

There's definitely method behind all this "girly" madness.

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2. Goodnight.

I'm not exactly sure how a single topless picture managed to destroy all of feminism but kudos to those two ladies then. Those must be some powerful tatas.

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3. Try again.

I'm not sure if men will ever truly understand the concept of makeup. Maybe one day. Maybe.

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4. Let's all follow her lead.

If you keep your stuff on the seat beside you while riding on a full bus, I will sit on it.

No, I'm not pregnant. But I'm also not interested in standing just so you and your backpack can have a relaxing ride together.

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5. The fact that this was ever written is baffling.

What's more baffling is that a group of scientists actually got together to try and answer a question not a single woman in history has ever asked.

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6. Mary was wild.

I mean, if that's the kind of society this fella wants us all to revert to, I guess I have some work to do.

I want to be an "actual woman", after all.

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7. That's a new one.

Instagram | @itsfeminism

I'm just so used to the old "why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free" thing that this car metaphor is almost refreshing.


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8. Now they're coming after our trackies.

As this Twitter user explained in a follow-up post, she heard one of her classmates (Mike, presumably) say this exact thing about another classmate.

Can someone remind Mike that his female peers are not getting a post-secondary education so he can be entertained during class?

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9. Good for you, I guess?

Instagram | @march

If you think I'm spending all this money at Sephora so I can try to impress you, then you need a serious reality check.

This #look is for the women I meet in bathrooms so they can compliment my eye shadow and then ask where I got it from.

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10. One of you is enough, thanks.

Twitter | @1followernodad

Look, all I'm saying is women aren't the ones out here making little Brittany Jr. or Heather the second.

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11. It's that easy.

I mean, the answer's always going to be the same but doesn't hurt to ask, right?

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