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There's Finally A Laundry Hamper Made For All The Clothes That End Up On Your Floor

Forget aliens, Big Foot, and taxes — one of the biggest mysteries on this earth is why we don't like hanging our clothes back up in closets. When I get home, it seriously takes all I can muster to open my closet door, grab a hanger that's positioned right in front of my face, and place my sweater on it.

It's just so much easier to throw everything on the ground, like it seriously takes mere milliseconds. We're not messy, we're just practical. Okay, maybe a little smidge lazy.

For those who end up creating a pile of perfectly good clean clothes on the ground, there's now a basket to keep them all happy and organized together in.

Reddit | Steeldrumbands

The basket so appropriately reads, "wore it once and I don't wanna hand it back up."

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I don't know about you, but I truly have never felt more seen in my entire life. Not even when Dunakroos made their return.


You can find it at Walmart on sale for $2.50 right now.

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A seller on Etsy is also selling the same quote, but in a drawstring bag.

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It's around $12 and is perfect for your kids who are off to college and will definitely not be hanging their clothes.

Sorry to break the news, but I know from personal experience.

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No, this doesn't help you hang your clothes, but it frees up some space on your floor to put other things that won't be organized either.

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Let's just hope we actually use the basket, or else there will be another product made for those who "wore it once and I don't wanna hang it back up and I don't want to throw it in a basket, either."

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