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Fans Think Adele 'Looks Unrecognizable' In New Post-Oscars Selfie

Rae Batchelor 11 Feb 2020

We're all guilty of barreling into the new year crying out that this will finally be the year of "new year, new me!"

Or at least I am.

But sometimes, people's transformations are so dramatic it's almost like they took that battle cry literally.

Singer Adele has recently undergone a dramatic transformation.

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After going through a divorce last year, Adele has been hiding from the spotlight, only popping out briefly to reveal a dramatic weight loss.

She's always been beautiful, of course, inside and out, and that hasn't changed.

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Her first photo post-weight loss was from the singer Drake's birthday party.

Instagram | @adele

Adele shared this gorgeous shot of herself making a kissy face with a noticably slimmer frame.

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The next time she was spotted out, she showed off a massive back tattoo.

This almost distracted from the fact that she was just having a beach day with James Corden and Harry Styles.

What I wouldn't give for getting an invite to that!

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Fans were immediately worried by the dramatic change in appearance.

However, other people pointed out that the media was always criticizing Adele for needing to lose weight, so it didn't seem like there was a way for her to win in the public eye.

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The conversation has continued for every picture of Adele that surfaces.

Obviously, when a new picture of Adele at an after-party for the Oscars surfaced, the debate was struck up yet again.

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Kinga Rusin, a Polish TV presenter, shared a selfie she took with Adele at Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Oscars After Party looking beautiful.

Instagram | @kingarusin

In the shot, Adele looks gorgeous in a sparkly leopard print dress that is cinched at the waist. Honestly, I think it's time leopard print made a real comeback.

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Fans were quick to comment on how different she looked in the shot compared to how they remember her.

Twitter | @MissZealSwee1

"I think Adele got replaced by a clone omg," tweeted one fan. "I really didn’t recognize her," added another.

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"She looks like a completely different person," tweeted a fan.

However, there were also fans pointing out the most important thing about all of this: No matter what she looks like, she's still the Adele we all know and love.

"Same Adele. Same golden voice. We good. That's the bottom line," one fan insisted.

What do you think about her transformation? Let us know in the comments!

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Some fans expressed dismay that this commentary happens at all.

"I know it’s not coming from anywhere malicious or with bad intent ofcourse !!! It just sucks bc beauty and weight/body type are so heavily linked in our society that people do make comments like that subconsciously without knowing how it’s coming across," the same user shared.

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Others were more focused on placing who exactly Adele looked like.

Giphy | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

She does look a little bit like Sarah Paulson — she could play her younger sibling in a movie!

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Others, like myself, thinks she looks a little bit like Katy Perry.

Either way, Adele has always looked amazing, and we hope she had a blast at the after party!

And we also hope new music is on the way, please.

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