Brides Are Upcycling Their Mom's Vintage Wedding Dresses For A New Family Tradition

Finding the right wedding dress that fits your style and personality is a tall order. I should know because I've tried about 21 dresses before I found the one.

But if you're lucky enough to have your mom's old wedding dress that's extra special. Some brides opt to wear their mom's wedding dress as is or alter it to look completely different and new. Here are just a few gorgeous options.

1. This Updated Version

Oh wow, I wouldn't have guessed that this was the same dress. This looks so much different yet has that special connection to her mom's dress.

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2. This Exact Dress

This lady decided to wear her mom's dress exactly as it looked when she wore it back in the day. I think this is so fun.

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3. This Loving Moment

When your mom is the most beautiful woman in your life no wonder you want to channel that energy on your wedding day. So sweet.

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4. This Special Alteration

Even if you don't exactly want to wear your mom's old wedding dress you can keep elements of it. This alteration is simply stunning.

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5. This Modern Version

Puffy sleeves were a big thing back in the day. Today, most brides opt for something more modern and slick. How pretty is this transformation?

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6. This Short Number

This long dress got a modern upgrade when it was turned into a fun, short number. What an absolutely adorable idea. Don't you think?

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7. This Cool Idea

Just like puffy sleeves, long sleeves were also very popular ages ago. Now you can just get rid of them, and voilà, a new idea emerges.

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8. This Pretty Number

Isn't it amazing that this bride looks just as stunning in this 30-year-old dress as her mom originally did? What a sweet experience.

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9. This Vintage Look

Not only did the mom look so stunning in her fun dress, but the daughter gave it an update to be able to wear it, too.

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10. This Double-Take

This bride chose to wear her mom's old wedding dress without any alterations. It's incredible how well it fits both of them. Right? This is amazing.

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11. This Cute Gesture

Oh my gosh. How cute that this bride tried on her mom's wedding dress as a little girl, and now she gets to wear it after all.

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12. This Precious Moment

What an absolutely special moment to share with your mom. Not only to see your daughter get married but to see her wear your wedding dress.

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13. This Gorgeous Two-Piece

This bride actually had her mom's dress turned into a two-piece wedding dress of her own. What an absolutely cool idea for this makeover.

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14. This Modern Take

Instagram | @victoriaalexisdesigns

The sleeves from this classic wedding dress were removed, and the silhouette was altered to a sleek mermaid cut. This transformation is amazing!

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Looking at these awesome vintage wedding dresses that were saved over the years by the moms makes me wish my mom kept her dress.

Giphy | CBS

What a beautiful idea.

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