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Ridiculously Cute 'Toofers' Community Celebrates Dogs Showing Off Their Teeth

Amy Pilkington 16 Feb 2020

If you're one of those people that thinks colloquial slang like "doggos," "woofers," "tippy-taps," and "bork" are stupid, turn around now because this article is heckin' full of them. There is a place for formal writing and a place for casual writing, and an article about cute dogs smiling is definitely the latter.

Also, I love doggo lingo and playing with its very specific eccentricities.

Onto the toofers!

1. Athena here is heckin' serious about her teefs.

Reddit | mrpicklezzzzzzzzzz

There is some confusion over whether it should be "teefs" or "toofs", but personally I like them both and interchange them on a whim.

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2. Two-for-one! Toofers and a mlem!

Reddit | Smoeri1305

In the case of Reddit, though, there is a very clear distinction: if it's a dog, they are toofers.

As the subreddit r/toofers says, it's entirely devoted to "dorky dog toofs".

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3. This is me trying to smile when I'm bamboozled into a surprise photo.

Reddit | dreamybaths

If you prefer cats, that's where r/teefies comes in. Moderators are very strict in both to ensure the correct animals are posted to the correct community.

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4. Snaggle-toof.

Reddit | taidouri

If you're more inclusive in your love of animal smiles, there's r/teefers, which is for animals of all sorts.

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5. Rawr! Baby toofers!

Reddit | dueyb

Having raised a puppy of my own, I can attest to the fact that those teef are as sharp as they look.

Especially when they start falling out and turn into little traps for unaware bare feet.

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6. The bestest two front teef.

Reddit | NanoCharat

This dog can't be real, right? It's clearly a cartoon character of some sort.

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7. Upside-down toofers.

Reddit | Cascais91

He looks like the cutest little vampire bat! Even the ears help the look.

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8. Smile!

Reddit | AdorableDentist6

Normally I don't point out the names of the Redditors outside of crediting them for the image, but this was posted by a person called "AdorableDentist6".


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9. This should be the toofers poster boy.

Reddit | lilredisking

He really looks like he's smiling at the camera, doesn't he? I want to boop his snoot so badly!

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