14+ Things That Made The Day A Little Brighter

Diply 24 Oct 2018

It's amazing how even something small can wreck a good day, but fortunately, the opposite can also be true. For instance, I was having a pretty grumpy morning not too long ago when my friend Emily surprised me with a hug.

That's not everybody's thing, but it was just what I needed.

Of course, I can't exactly hug each of you through the screen, but the other thing that often chips away at my bad mood is a good chuckle.

I think we can take care of that.

1. Well, well, well, I suppose I should tip my hat to this young man's good taste.

Instagram | Instagram

Fries are great and all, but I'd say he was appreciating the buttery delight of baked potatoes at least a sixth-grade level.

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2. This guy didn't actually leave the house in this super-jacket, but the fact that I had to find that out speaks to some Photoshopper's mad skills.

Reddit | PeekIntoTheFuture

I'd kind of love it if the jackets of the future had me hide from the cold like a turtle, though.

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3. I wouldn't really blame this person's mom if she never told them to stop playing with their food. 

Reddit | o0Bongo

I mean, how could you not be curious about what they're gonna come up with next if this is just a regular Tuesday for them?

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4. Only a gentleman of such supreme leisure could make me put aside how much I dislike Jack Johnson.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I haven't thought about that guy's music in years, but let's not allow that to distract us from this dude's powerful reminder that I need to just chill.

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5. Aww, it's kind of cute to know that some people just don't have a spooky bone in their body.

Reddit | reachmou

I'm guessing they were eyeing a Grim Reaper display and thought, "I don't know, that seems a little aggressive. Can't I have him do yoga or something?"

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6. Every puppy and kitten might as well come back tomorrow, because this is definitely the cutest thing I'm gonna see all day.

Imgur | Frigggle

The turtle and its eel buddy's big adventure may not have too many changes in setting, but let's just ignore that.

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7. It's too bad this isn't a gif because using my imagination to picture how these fish flop just doesn't feel the same.

Reddit | OutcastAtLast

Plus, my mind wanders, so it would take like 30 seconds before I've forgotten all about this and started thinking of dancing bears.

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8. This dog looks so happy because all its work spent infiltrating the sheep finally paid off.

Reddit | dumfok

"Day 52: I've finally earned their trust. Telling them that they misunderstood what a sheepdog is all along was a gamble, but they've accepted me as one of their own."

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9. I know so little about the Tour de France that this lady probably could convince me that strapping a banana to herself is a valid training strategy.

Instagram | Instagram

Although no matter what she says, I'd still end up having to accept that I'll probably never understand this.

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10. I'm not sure what made this couple so weird, but I guess we'd never get our warm and fuzzy fix if somebody didn't say that.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

It also kinda makes me wonder how the weird kids at my school turned out...besides me, of course.

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11. I've seen some serious commitment go into making Halloween costumes, but I've never seen someone put this much into wearing one.

Reddit | PureGold44

From now on, if somebody turns up to the gym in a flamingo suit, I'll know that they should be taken incredibly seriously.

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12. Does this drink mascot look a little...familiar to anybody else?

Reddit | JammyNuttRon

It's a good thing Lisa Simpson isn't real, because it would probably suck to find out about some flashy new vegetarian cafe only to discover they used her brother's likeness instead of hers.

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13. The giant shook the ground with his fearsome approach, but he didn't expect the knights to use swords half as big as their castle.

Getty Images | Hero Images

It was at this moment that the giant realized that he shouldn't have tried to invade because he couldn't fit inside anyway.

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14. Batman's enemies have cooked up many elaborate schemes, but he may have finally met his match with Bane's peaceful protest.

Reddit | sh1ftr

Let's face it, a guy who runs around punching people in the face while dressed as a bat is gonna have some public relations problems.

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15. It may look like somebody's being goofy here, but this is actually a cryptic warning.

Barnorama | Barnorama

After all, the longer you spend in the kingdom of the French fries, the greater the risk that you will become the French fries.

And then you have to resist eating yourself.

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16. It's no surprise that the bees would gravitate toward this job so quickly. I mean, look at their résumé.

Instgram | Instgram

Sure, the parts about pollinating flowers weren't terribly relevant, but have you seen how complex a beehive is? If anything, they're overqualified.

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