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There Is An Island Full Of Rescued Wolves And It's Open For Tours

Amy Pilkington 20 Feb 2020

Maybe Game of Thrones is to blame for this, but wolves seem to be having a renaissance as creatures to be loved and protected. I'm sure they'll swing back to scary again in the zeitgeist, but it's nice to see the big, wild doggos getting appreciation.

I'm even happy to see that more wolf-like dogs are being adopted, as long as their new families have done their research and know how much work a husky or similar breed can be. (I love them, but also know that they would be too much for me.)

Of course, NO ONE should be attempting to bring a real wolf wolf into their homes.

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Which is why I think it's great that a place like Predators of the Heart exists. People who really love wolves can have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with them while also supporting the rescue organization's efforts at education and housing the animals.

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The sanctuary includes 10 acres of land on Fidalgo Island in Washington State.

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Alongside wolves, the sanctuary is home to cougars, birds of prey, and other small animals or reptiles. They rehabilitate all creatures and only keep the animals that can't be released back into the wild.

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The most tame animals take part in their mission to educate children and the general public about wildlife.

But their special claim to fame is their "Wolf Encounters" tour package.

Of course, these are wild animals and the sanctuary takes safety very seriously for both visitors and animals.

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You can't just wander up to the gates.

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Tours are done with small groups and led by an experienced staff member. While you'll be able to see the animals living out in their compound, only select "ambassador" wolves will be allowed to interact with you.

Judging by the photos, the ambassadors are chosen due to their love of kisses and belly rubs.

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The tours are also restricted to adults 18 and over.

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Booking a tour costs $200 for two hours and can be done so here, via Airbnb.

Safety is always a top concern, and since it opened in 1998, the sanctuary has only had two incidents. In one, a hiker took a wrong turn and ended up in the sanctuary, where wolves attacked his dog. In the other, one of the wolves jumped a 7-foot electrified fence and spent 18 hours on the loose, but no one was hurt.

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Both incidents resulted in new security improvements to ensure future issues were prevented.

Personally, I think I'd trust that they know what they're doing and it would be an incredible experience.

To learn more, be sure to check out the Predators of the Heart website.

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