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OMG, Look At The Incredible Ears On This Papillon-Maltese Mix Dog

I'm not sure how else to start this article than with a squee: OMG the ears on this doggo are giving me life and they are so cute that I can't handle it anymore!

Have I had too much coffee today or is this pupper just that cute?


But like... if you see these ears and don't crack a smile, are you even human?

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This good boy's name is Goma and he lives in Tokyo.

He is a mix between papillon and maltese breeds, that is called either a Papitese or Maltillon. Both are kind of ungainly portmanteaus, but I'm choosing to go with Maltillon because Papitese sounds like something involving a speculum.

Both breeds are prized for their unique features.

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Maltese are famous for their lustrous white coats, and the name papillon literally translates to "butterfly" in reference to the breed's amazing ears.

When mixing breeds, you can't really predict how much of each will be apparent in the offspring, but it's safe to say that Goma's combo is incredible.

He's got the face and wavy coat of a maltese, but much larger and prominent ears.

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The result is 50% teddy bear, 50% Mickey Mouse, and 1000% adorable.

He's also hella spoiled, but I dig it.

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Goma has a stroller for when he's feeling too lazy to walk but still wants fresh air, and he gets regular spa days with herbal shampoos and pampering.

And, of course, he gets regular grooming to keep those ears in top form.

He just looks so soft and sweet and squishable!

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