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'Dracula' Parrots Are The Patronus Goth Teens Have Been Waiting For

Amy Pilkington 26 Feb 2020

If I were to start this article with something like, "Hey, parrots have some pretty cool colorings!" you'd probably all have the same response: DUH.

I mean, fair, but I wouldn't be featuring a parrot unless it was particularly special! I promise!

Meet Pesquet’s parrot, also known as a vulturine parrot, or colloquially: the "Dracula parrot."

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It feels like what happens when a moody bird looked at all those other, colorful parrots and decided they were "too loud," but still wanted a pop of color.

And what a pop it is!

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These gorgeous birds are only found in the rainforests of New Guinea.

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They're also one of the few parrot species without feathers on its face, which adds to the vulture-like quality that gives it one of its names.

Their call is described as: "Harsh and rasping; also described as growling. Also drawn out scream given frequently in flight."

Which definitely fits their creepy look.

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The only visual difference between males and females are tiny red dots behind the males' eyes.

Flickr | rafa_uoc

Sadly, the Dracula parrot is listed as vulnerable to extinction. This is partially due to their limited habitat and diet of figs, but also hunters and trappers after their unique feathers.

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Hopefully, more worldwide knowledge of these amazing birds will help promote more initiatives to protect them.

Meanwhile, we can appreciate them from afar and marvel in their gothic beauty.

h/t: Parrot Encyclopedia

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