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8+ Celebs Who Went To Prom With Their Fans

Jake Bean 26 Feb 2020

Prom is an important time for any teenager. There are so many questions to answer: what are you going to wear, what are you doing after and most importantly: who are you going to bring?

Imagine if you got to bring a celebrity? Then you would be like these teens, who got to live their dream.

1. Evelyn Lozada

Instagram | @evelynlozada

The young man's name was Anthony Nelson. He had a dream, and it was to take supermodel Evelyn Lozada to his prom.

Little did he know when he tweeted at her that day his dreams would come true.

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Not only did she reply to his promposal, but she accepted.

Instagram | @evelynlozada

Lozada had never been to prom, so she was super excited that she had a chance to go with Nelson.

“I never made it to prom, but Anthony Nelson made it happen! Love u!” she said on her Insta afterward.

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2. JuJu Smith-Schuster

The hottest Steelers reciever right now made waves when one of his biggest fans tweeted at him.

Turns out, the young man had no one to go to prom with.

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JuJu, of course, felt bad for the young man, so they got some matching velvet suits and went to prom together.

Instagram | @anthony_m099

And for the young Anthony, it made his life:

"Thank you @juju for coming to prom with me. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life and I have to thank you as well as all of these other great people. Keep being yourself, stay humble, and the city will love you".

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3. Nina Agdal

Instagram | @ninaagdal

It was a sad day for a young man named Jake Davidson when Kate Upton rejected his promposal.

And usually, that would be the end of the story. If Nina Agdal hadn't stepped in.

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She offered to go to the prom with the teen.

Instagram | @ninaagdal

And, as they say, the rest is history.

She apparently had a good time too, stating on her Insta:

"Had such a great prom night. Thank you @jakedavidson23 for being an awesome date!"

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4. Kellan Lutz

This celebrity made the night of a young woman by taking her to prom.

Not only was it her first prom, but she considers it to be her first date!

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5. Drake

Instagram | @hyfr_jalaah

While he didn't really [bring] anybody, he technically was the third wheel for his cousin's prom.

Which is a little bit sweet and a little bit weird at the same time.

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6. Dwyane Wade

Instagram | @dwyanewade

Woah! Nicole Muxo makes one adorable music video and suddenly she gets to go to prom with basketball legend Dwayne Wade?

How infuriatingly uplifting! What an incredibly lucky girl.

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7. Khloe Kardashian

Twitter | @khloekardashian

Believe it or not, before going with one of her fans, Khloe Kardashian had never been to a prom.

Then again, it may be believable, considering she grew up famous.

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But, regardless, she enjoyed herself.

Twitter | @khloekardashian

“My very first prom and I went with THE BEST date ever!” was the quote that appeared next to the name of one Narbeh Babakhani, the young man she took to prom.

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8. Vanessa Hudgens

Instagram | @vanessahudgens

She made the night of one young man unbelievable when she took him to prom. It was for a good cause, too.

The teen, named Cesar Guerro, was battling cancer at the time.

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9. Kylie Jenner

Oh look, another Kardashian doing the prom thing.

We all know Kylie is one of the most influential people of all time. But did you know that she also has a heart of gold?

How sweet is this!

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Once this poor young man was dumped by his original prom date, Kylie knew that she had to take action.

Instagram | @albertochoa05

So she jumped in and took young Albert Ochoa to prom with her.

And obviously, for a while, the guy was the talk of the town.

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