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16+ Pictures Showing Something That Left An Impression

If it wasn't for the craters, we would scarcely know the Earth had ever been struck by meteors. And if it wasn't for the fossils, we'd never know about dinosaurs. So it's a good thing that the world is rich with impressions left behind by things that have existed.

Unfortunately, they can't all be as cool as dinosaurs. But you can see such things in the weirdest places sometimes.

"This lump on my ring finger caused by the way I've been holding my pen for the past 13 years," the uploader captioned this pic.

Reddit | bahleg

It's funny, I have the same indentation in one of my fingers that I can definitely trace back to at least high school English lit classes and taking pages upon pages of notes.

We all know that the sun can leech colors out of things.

Reddit | StepwiseSauce9

This playing card, for example, got stuck in someone's blinds for a while. It's kind of amazing how the sun turned the red areas stark white, but the green area went blue.

The sun can do more than just fade colors, however.

Reddit | Machikoneko

And it clearly did fade the cover of this book, turning green leaves more blue — but it also kinda printed the book's cover onto the surface below.

"This random clean rectangle that appeared in the middle of years of graffiti, under my house Rome," explained the uploader of this pic.

Reddit | Dafla_107

They claimed that no poster had been there, just a brick wall, but for such a perfect rectangle to appear, there has to have been something, right? It's a good mystery!

You can still see how this church evolved.

Reddit | BitchLibrarian

Its more humble origins are written on this wall — it obviously got a significant upgrade later on, adding on that nice window and using some more sizable bricks for the addition.

A gecko managed to shed a perfect little glove.

Reddit | MattNyte

It always astounds me when reptiles shed their skin and it comes off neatly like this, rather than in thousands of tiny dandruff-like particles.

I think there might have been a bug in the system.

Reddit | keenstir

I guess it can happen, but still, underneath the printing of a t-shirt is about the last place I'd expect to see a bug.

The sun does make a noticeable difference for melting snow.

Reddit | JWhit2199

See? The snow on this walkway failed to melt where a lamp post's shadow fell.

Guess these pancakes are fresh, seeing how the container's lid left an indent in them.

Reddit | SkrullNickFury

It's actually kind of a waffle now, if you think about it, only it's branded.

But that logo should make a nice syrup trench, and you don't have to worry that the lid wasn't on tight.

Small things do add up over time.

Reddit | The_Cringe_Channel

A simple slow drip on an outdoor faucet allowed this massive ice ball to form. And good luck with that!

And a drip in the summer can be just as bad.


See how the water from this pipe has worn off the top layer of concrete over time, exposing the pebbles below?

Water did this, too.

Reddit | Kingpep123

While its current was enough to wash away sand, the pebbles provided juuuuust enough weight to hold the sand underneath them in place, creating tiny pillars.

And as we can see here, it's just as possible on cliffsides as it is on seasides.

Reddit | Stagnantcreek692

This photo really makes it look like each of these stones were carefully placed here by someone, but we've already discussed what's really happening here.

Accidental artwork.

Reddit | clgwildcat

Someone left their cutting board on their hot stove top, and the burner scorched this pattern into it. It's almost cool enough to frame.

This is the same tree, just pictured from different sides.

Reddit | big_shearted

And looking at the background, you can probably piece together why they look so different.

The tree is on a golf course, and one side obviously faces the tee, so it has been peppered with hard-hit golf balls dozens and dozens of times.

These contrails left on the sky are honestly cool.

Reddit | kyle4261

And it has more to do with the location than anything else, as this is over Scotland.

As the uploader pointed out, the white contrails against the clear blue skies basically re-creates the flag of Scotland.

The cracks in the soil here indicate something not so fun.

Reddit | PipelinePatrick

This land happens to sit above a longwall coal mine and although I'm no expert, this does feel a bit concerning.

You can still see the brick pattern below despite a snowfall.

Reddit | ChicagoRex

I'm not entirely sure what's going on to create this, but the cracks must have a slightly easier time melting or repelling snow. All I know for sure is that this is actually quite pretty.

Gee, I wonder what these gloves came in.

Reddit | volkswagengolfr

You could build yourself a nice wall from a brick like this, which retained the shape of the box the gloves were packaged in.

A snowstorm's trail from above.

Twitter | @ltmarts

We usually think of snowstorms as covering vast swaths of land, but in this case, just a thin band of Kansas got hit.

"I had a band aid on at work today," the uploader explained.


So what job, exactly, can make your hand turn that color in the span of a single shift? This person works at an aluminum factory.

It's hard to tell what the benefit is to this idea, but someone is apparently selling honey in entire frames.

Reddit | alan13446

I guess if Ikea can sell you furniture that hasn't been assembled yet, there's nothing stopping others from selling you honey that hasn't been extracted yet.

There's a lot to focus on in this picture, but it helps to turn your attention to the photo of the young man in blue.

Reddit | drakanz

Ah, except that this isn't actually a picture of him on the wall. Instead, he just happened to frame himself in that mirror perfectly enough to seem like he was always up there.

I don't know why that girl in the background looks like she's leading a parade, though.

When this person had ants in their house, they were inspired to try a little experiment.

Reddit | DD_Verucci

They baited on trap with hamburger fat and the other with syrup to see whether the ants were more attracted to fat or sugar.

At least in the case of these ants, fat won by a landslide.

Depending on where you live, this will either be a fairly common sight or a totally outlandish one.

Reddit | wildgumbo

Although a heavy storm can uproot or knock over a tree, only a tornado could twist one up like this.

This person understood that their house was built with quarry stones, but that impression didn't give them the full picture.

Reddit | MrFourhundredtwenty

From the looks of it, there were more than a few gravestones mixed in with those quarry stones.

As far as they're concerned, there are two possibilities for how the builders got enough gravestones to build a house with. Either they were rejects because they had mistakes on them, or the fact that most gravestones tend to be removed after a while in Germany (where this was taken) played a part.

This photo was taken at the deepest-known cave in all the world.

Reddit | SurpriseThere1

To even get into the Verevkina cave in Abkhazia, Georgia, you need to reach an entrance that's 7,497 ft above sea level.

As for how deep it is, shave about 250 feet off that number and you have your answer. Yup, it definitely sounds like an undertaking.

This bridge was built in the Netherlands and crossing it must be quite the wild experience.

Reddit | IGotATurtle

That is, when you can actually cross it. If weather conditions get really stormy, it's likely to fill with water.

This was called the Sedgley Glove Gun and it was a last resort weapon that fired a single .38 bullet when the wearer makes a punching motion.

Reddit | zkingstar

Less than 200 of them were made during World War II, but we can at least confirm that those weird weapons they used in the theatre in Inglourious Basterds

For anyone who sees this and thinks we're being invaded by aliens can relax a little.

Reddit | Pow67

Although it looks like a massive orbital laser, this green flash is actually heralding a meteor that touched down in southern India.

It looks like bad CGI, but this is actually a genuine aerial photo of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Reddit | oskopnir

As for what all of these weird patches of light are, we're seeing a whole network of dragonfruit farms that remain lit up at night so the fruit can grow faster.

We don't often see them, but the markings on this baby might provide a little clue as to what animal it is.

Reddit | tjrwlsdl

If that doesn't help, then I'll just let you know that you're looking at a baby panda. It almost looks like a mole rat, but the facial difference and the black spots help set it apart.