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14+ Coronavirus Memes That People Are Sharing To Deal With The Epidemic

Dan 4 Mar 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, began in late 2019 and to date has killed more than 3,000 people (it's also worth noting that more than 51,000 have recovered). It's serious and it's scary. But sometimes laughter is better than staring into the abyss.

1. This is fine.

Reddit | instagrizzlegrant

No doubt there is a certain subset of people who believe it's a big hoax. It is true, though, that simple steps like staying home if you're feeling sick can help protect you from the disease.

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2. Everybody's looking for something.

Reddit | Sk-yline1

I swear, if coronavirus ever comes to my neighborhood, I'm blaming the jet-setters who decided to get sick, then spread the virus to the four corners of the planet.

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3. Dad joke.

Reddit | whysokirk

It's coronavirus. There's a beer called Corona. That beer is nicely complemented with a lime. In fact, the lime juice basically activates its flavour. Y'know what, I'll just stop explaining this one.

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4. The flu gets no respect.

Reddit | fight-me-b-tch

Seriously, every year, the flu virus kills thousands of people left, right and center. But do people take notice? No, they just avoid getting vaccinated and then get freaked out by the sexy new pandemic.

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5. Date with destiny.

Reddit | NorthParkNihlist

This sign outside an Italian bar is a bit fatalistic. Surely there's some middle ground between wearing a mask everywhere and straight-up dying in some Italian watering hole.

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6. It's a good place to build up your immunity.

Twitter | @AndrewNadeau0

Anyone who has kids already knows it's impossible to avoid getting sick during the winter months. With that being the case, you may as well go down to the Chuck E. Cheese.

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7. Prepped.

Reddit | koheam

That Cyberpunk 2077 graphic has a way of making everything hilarious. Is this an overly-prepared random dude in 2020, or is he one of the survivors of our dark future?

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8. It's all too much.

Reddit | hugsfornico

Typos are excusable, but this outlet's gaffe is blowing things out of proportion. Even if we colonized the whole solar system, I doubt there'd be three thousand countries.

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9. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Reddit | TongueBandit69

Sure, putting a sanitary pad over your face might look a little bit silly. But the real or imagined benefits presumably make up for it.

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10. Pandemic veteran.

Reddit | I-fell

Anyone who's been around for awhile remembers the swine flu, SARS and Ebola. Heck, there are still people around who remember polio and diphtheria. We'll be okay. We've been through these things before.

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11. Stylin'.

Reddit | hbts2002

I really appreciate this woman's dedication to fashion, in particularly those stunning high heels, as she covers herself head to toe in a contamination suit.

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12. Stonks!

Reddit | DoctorTim007

Yes, it's good to avoid busy areas if you're afraid of the coronavirus. But for those who stock up, what's the end game? Everyone dies, but you're sitting on a goldmine of toilet paper?

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13. More COVIDs where that came from.

Reddit | anyway-at

It's always alarming when a numbered pandemic makes big news. Like, this is the 19th identified COVID virus. We missed COVIDs one through eighteen, but what's COVID-20 going to look like?

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14. Big win for introverts.

Reddit | Creepy_Kidd

Speaking as someone who works from home and hates in-person social interaction, I'm basically sitting pretty with regards to this whole coronavirus situation.

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15. Great cruise.

Reddit | TroLsauros

Imagine being on one of the cruise ships infected by coronavirus. You're in an environment where germs are easily transmittable and you're not even allowed to return to the mainland. At least you've got masks.

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16. The 20s are gonna be lit.

Reddit | muhuhehe

If life has taught me anything, it's that the whole thing is a series of crushing disappointments and abject terror. So try to enjoy yourself. Just don't, like, shake the hands of any strangers.

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17. Looking good.

Reddit | Yoan2266

I'll always welcome a return to the Distracted Boyfriend meme, a format with endless applications. I think we keep calling it the coronavirus rather than its proper name because COVID-19 sounds a little too clinical and scary.

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18. Something we can all get behind.

Reddit | Pocher123

Yes, it's true. The coronavirus offers us nearly limitless meme potential. At the same time, there's a nearly limitless appetite for masks, so long as they're not coming from Wuhan.

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19. Don't get in.

Reddit | Pete_318

Clearly a literal Corona Bug has existed at one point in time. After this whole outbreak, though, I'm guessing the good people at Corona Beer shot this thing into the sun.

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20. A unique experience.

Twitter | @erinosgood_

It's a weird portrait of 21st century America: big box stores have had their shelves cleared of hand sanitizer and bottled water, but panicked shoppers are still finding the time to eat free sausage roll samples.

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