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13+ Cool Pics That Are More Fascinating With A Bit Of Context

Amy Pilkington 7 Mar 2020

There are so many pics and videos shared online in a given day that most go by without even half a glance. Sometimes, that can be for the worst, since many pics can be shared without context or even with the wrong context, but mostly they just end up baffling.

But if you take the time to look for just a few seconds more, long enough to read a blurb, the context can turn a neat pic into one that's really special.

1. Boom

Reddit | tempreclude

This looks like a deleted scene from Apocalypse Now, but it's actually a pic taken at Disneyworld during the EPCOT fireworks display.

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2. (Mostly) Cool Cat

Reddit | PharoahChromium

This is a pretty good visual for how cats regulate their heat, since they don't sweat. Their fur insulates them, while the thin skin of their ears and parts of their faces give excess heat a place to escape.

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3. Achoo!

Reddit | ChimpDaddy2015

This pattern is made of dust and pollen forced into place by the window fan that was just removed. My nose feels itchy just looking at it.

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4. Local Branding

Reddit | n00b_miguelCoolBr023

If you look closely, you can see that yes, this is a McDonald's franchise. Besides being in a cool building, this store's sign says "Méqui" which is the Brazilian nickname for the chain.

Personally, I like Méqui better than my local equivalent: Mickey-Dee's.

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5. Escher, Eat Your Heart Out

Reddit | vartonk

This is actually real life! The photo was taken at the Pondicherry lighthouse in India. If you're concerned, like I was, about the apparent lack of railings, don't worry. This photo is actually taken from ground level, looking up. So it's the bottom of the stairs. And yes, there are railings.

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6. Sustainable Packaging

Reddit | Stump_The_Gnome

Plastic bubble wrap and packing peanuts aren't great for the environment, but we also want our purchased to arrive in one piece. So many companies are experimenting with recyclable alternatives.

This is an example of "packing peanuts" made from cardboard. The unusual shape causes them to catch on one another, creating a surprisingly sturdy protective matrix.

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7. Meanwhile, In Australia

Reddit | assyrian

This is actually a pretty good joke on the part of the store.

Of course, it's referencing the fact that Australians are stockpiling toilet paper thanks to COVID-19 fears. This is happening in a lot of countries, but Australia has been particularly crazy about it.

This is the point where I'd like to remind people that the virus doesn't cause gastro intestinal issues. Put the TP back on the shelf and wash your hands.

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8. Fiery Mirage

Reddit | AverageCanadianMale

I wonder how often commuters panic at the sight of buildings on fire before they realize that a) there's no smoke, and b) it's just the sun reflecting on the glass windows.

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9. Opinionated Tree

Reddit | Mono_420

In the fight against plastic, it's good to remember that when properly regulated, wood is sustainable and relatively inexpensive.

But this tree still resents being cut down.

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10. Rick-Rolled

Reddit | voagteacher

While collecting up goods for a garage sale, this cassette tape was discovered.

It needs to be put into a different case to create the ultimate rick-roll for whoever buys it.

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11. Magenta Flames

Reddit | conceptualize-this

It's actually pretty easy to make novelty lighters with different colored flames. This one probably contains some potassium, which burns magenta.

I wouldn't inhale the vapor too much, but of course if you're lighting a cigarette, a bit of stray potassium vapor is the least of your health worries.

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12. Tiny Cathedral

Reddit | vrekstok

I'm seeing these showing up in more and more places and it's awesome. This sculpture can be found in Budapest, and is actually a scale model of the building it's located at.

It allows the visually impaired to appreciate the architectural details by touch.

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13. Life, Uh, Finds A Way

Reddit | Wi99um76

This is kind of neat, but likely points to gutter cleaning or repair in the near future, which is less cool.

Most likely, a bird dropped a sunflower seed after raiding a nearby feeder.

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14. Frog BFFs

Reddit | thebeocean

"My Mum snapped this picture of a frog putting its hand around another frog," wrote Redditor thebeocean.

There isn't really more context to this one. I just really loved the picture and thought it was worth sharing.

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15. Mirrored Image

Reddit | halfchance100

In Leeds, there is a sign printed upside-down and backwards, leaving it only legible when reflected on the still water of the River Aire.

It's part of an art installation by Roger Palmer.

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16. Weighted Averages

Reddit | __Anorak__

If you look closely at the holes in these weights, you can see how popular each is for that specific gym based on the wear and tear caused by the pin being rubbed against the finish.

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17. Fading Spots

Reddit | short-_-cakes

We don't usually think of dogs going gray, but they do! It's much more obvious on dogs with dark fur, and particularly when the doggo has dark spots.

This very good girl's spots faded over 10 years, including a stage with some amazing brows.

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18. Vaccination Station

Reddit | mkbt

This photo was taken during the 1976 "Swine Flu epidemic," which is often pointed to as an influence on America's current vaccination hesitancy.

Though experts pushed for a wait and see approach after a US soldier died of a new strain of swine flu, the government spent time and money forcing through a plan to manufacture and distribute a vaccine to the entire population.

And then the "epidemic" never actually happened.

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19. Zoom And Enhance

Reddit | ajamesmccarthy

This may look like any other very cool pic of the Moon, but it's actually 69 (nice) megapixels!

It means that not only is there great detail from afar, but if you click here to see the full resolution, you can zoom in and see a ton more.

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20. A New Kind Of Cosplay

Reddit | SAT0725

I'll admit that I laughed out loud for real when I saw what this guy was doing with underwear and a pepper.

This is probably my favorite @lowcost_cosplay yet.

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