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13+ People Who Will Definitely Start Double-Checking Everything Next Time

Amy Pilkington 8 Mar 2020

We seem to be rushing about more and more lately, and that can cause more than a few slip-ups. In real life, that can lead to minor embarrassment, but in the age of social media, it can mean public ridicule that will never be forgotten.

So remember, no matter how much you want to be first in the comments, it's worth it to take that extra second to double-check everything before clicking submit. And if your best friend films your IRL mistake, steal their phone before they can post it — or ask them nicely.

Otherwise, the internet will laugh at you.

1. Typography Fail

Reddit | mr-6666

Pro tip: if a single letter in a word can be replaced to turn it into a different, more embarrassing word, don't start getting clever with the fonts or graphic design.

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2. Who Should Tell Them?

Reddit | mrPotatoLover097

Psst... that's an elephant swimming.

But sure. It's "exclusive proof" of Nessie's existence.

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3. Anxiety-Inducing Instructions

Reddit | no_remorse_needed

My guess is that this step is either missing an "and" for the two ways you must submit the essay, or used to be hard copy submission and a mistake happened when updating it to modern standards.

Either way, the perfectionist student in me is really upset by this lack of clarity.

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4. Math Is Hard

Reddit | TheElementKingYT

You know how Google's predictive search will give common keywords? Sometimes, you learn more about the basic math skills of common man than you ever really wanted to know.

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5. It's Broken, Dudes

Reddit | Uma_Thermite

I can see maybe one or two people not realizing the vending machine is broken before people get the picture, but how high does the mountain need to get?

I wish I could see the rest of the machine and know if there's an Out of Order sign or not.

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6. Satanist Color Wheel

Reddit | lol62056

I'm not sure what worries me more: that a parent would see anything religious (or anti-religious) in a basic color wheel or that they would confuse a pentagram and a Star of David.

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7. Not A Sugar Scrub

Reddit | i124nk8

To be fair, with the current popularity of DIY, natural exfoliating products, it's not out of the question to find a nice rental with a rustic bar or scrub. But usually, those aren't left on the pillow and clearly labeled as "confectionary".

I weep for the waste of such a tasty Scottish treat.

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8. No One Tell Australians That Austria Exists

Reddit | ChickenWaffled128

Admittedly, it's kind of novel to see someone from another part of the world complaining about an American spelling the name of their own state "wrong".

But at the same time, I think the person was complaining because of the assumption that all Americans don't know/care about how to spell other countries, so the irony hurts on this one.

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9. As Opposed To All Those Talking Ones

Reddit | stormybormy

This is the sort of dumb question that doesn't make me want to mock a person, but instead give them a hug and point them to their nearest library.

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10. Time Travel Shenanigans

Reddit | markus11_1

In Back to the Future 2 Marty goes forward in time to 2015, so obviously people were pretty excited when that day actually came around — and annoyed at the lack of proper hoverboards.

But this person's excitement shows a lack of basic understanding of how time actually works.

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11. Reviews Are Hard


Can someone please nicely explain to this person that when Amazon sends a "How was your purchase?" message, you don't have to leave a review?

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12. Poor Guy Just Wants A Job

Reddit | merkabaa

Online job hunting takes a lot of the footwork out of the struggle, but if you're unfamiliar with the process or its expectations (and perhaps English isn't your first language), then you can end up embarrassing yourself.

This isn't an application submitted for the job, but rather an application accidentally submitted through the comment section for the business itself.

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13. Hope His Lawyer Hasn't Left Yet

Reddit | GTcarrera

Maybe just put the public defenders' office on speed dial.

I'm not sure what was actually censored from the beginning of the headline, but in my heart, it was "Florida."

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14. That's Not How Milk Works

Reddit | Bottyboi69

So does this person really think that "ripe" milk is funky and chunky? Because ewwwww.

Also, someone introduce them to the concept of yogurt if that's how they like their dairy.

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15. The Parentheses Earn An Extra Facepalm

Reddit | slekrons

Fun fact: there's a third hole. Which is a thing I never thought I'd have to explain to anyone.

So who's talking out of their arse now?

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16. Is This Still Legally Binding?

Reddit | Amanda-D-P-Throat

Like, if the sign is clearly meant to say "stop", but is misspelled and I drive through, can I be charged for not stopping?

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17. Cool Printer, Bad File

Reddit | /alexcam5

This is like the latte art equivalent of accidentally sending naughty pics to the wi-fi enabled printer in your boss' office.

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18. About 91.58% People Can "Top That"

Reddit | Etaleo

Not that online IQ tests — or IQ tests in general — are worth paying much attention to, but this is still pretty darn funny.

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19. Just Don't Do It

Reddit | yanbi0710

Yeah, it's easy to mis-read this inspirational t-shirt, but it would be even easier to just design it to not be mis-read.

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20. Not Even Close

Reddit | Xosaros-aka-ZOS

Man, China just got Hong Kong back from the British in 1997, now people are going to think it's in South America? Raw deal.

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21. Copernicus Wept

Reddit | CashewMashu

I don't know what's stranger: using a model of the solar system that's 500 years out of date, or posting it in an honors biology class.

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22. Mixed Messages

Reddit | 0430MilkCows

We all make typos from time to time, even the experts. But if there's any time that you want to proofread, it's when you're spelling a word like 'literacy.'

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23. Yes, Spelling Counts

Reddit | Medical-Celebration

And for those who don't think spelling counts, we give you Exhibit A, in which someone gets nothing more than what they ask for.

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24. One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Reddit | OhYeahPotato

One of these things is actually life-saving medication, not a vape. Sigh.

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25. Missing Link

Reddit | GSB6189

When publishing a piece for both print and digital, you can't just copy-and-paste willy nilly. I know, it's faster, but some things just don't translate.

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26. Practice What You Preach

Reddit | AlwaysPeachy13

To be fair, I don't think that shoulder is actually meant to be a bike lane, but that doesn't make the fact that this sign completely blocks some of the space cyclists probably depend on when cars aren't practicing safe road sharing.

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27. Well, This Is Awkward

Reddit | traditionaldrummer

I feel like maybe the design looked fine on paper, but the execution...left something to be desired, shall we say.

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28. Oh The Joy

Reddit | GSA06

I don't know exactly what's being sold here, but it sure looks...okay. Nothing to get too excited over, but definitely decent.

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29. It's The Details That Get You

Reddit | JysnGmz

I really don't know how a hydro pole ends up in the middle of the street. That seems like a super easy one to just not do.

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30. Always Close Your Browser Tabs

Reddit | kevinowdziej

Otherwise you may find yourself embarrassed by what sort of sexy online shopping you're doing between political updates.

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31. Cross-eyed Optimism

Reddit | Soap3

On the other hand, this is kind of an accidental win, no? It's certainly a unique chess set, full of character and whatnot.

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32. But...Why?

Reddit | tanh_

The plumber responsible for this job must be stuck in the '80s, when it was hip to be square.

I'll see myself out.

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