Man Makes Sexist Remarks And Girl Scout Responds With Perfect Burn

Paddy Clarke 11 Mar 2020

The story of one girl scout who brilliant shut down one man's sexist comments has gone viral across social media, and that's because it is the best thing we've read all week!

There have been great strides made against sexism in society in recent years.

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However, despite the rise of movements such as the #MeToo movement which have helped exposed the sexist ideologies that underpin so many of society's institutions, there is still much to be done.

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Sexism occurs in a variety of guises at all levels of society.

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One group who people may not expect to be on the receiving end of such prejudice is the Girl Scouts of the USA; however, one story shared on Twitter at the end of last week has shown that no age bracket is safe.

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It all started when one man stopped to get groceries on his way back from the gym.

Facebook | Girl Scouts

When Eli McCann stopped at the grocery store he saw that the girl scouts were set up outside in their usual fashion.

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You know, waiting to catch you when you're at your most vulnerable and tempt you out of whatever nonsense diet you were on!

Reddit | rlangmang

However, while he was there, McCann saw another, unnamed man approach the stand in a slightly less than appropriate manner.

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McCann took to Twitter to share the encounter as such...

McCann went on to explain, "It was truly jarring. Like, it was sort of the last thing I expected anyone to say. My mind suddenly rebooted. The six or so other people who were all standing around in front of the grocery store froze and looked at him," he wrote in a blog post.

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McCann explained that no one could work out why the man had used such language around children.

Twitter | EliMcCann

In his blog post about the encounter, McCann also acknowledges that he is unsure as to whether the man was referring to the girl scouts as "Bitches."

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As he wrote, it's possible that he was referring to the cookies that way in some form of a joke (albeit a misjudged one).

Reddit | thejuancarlosii

However, McCann also acknowledged that it was "totally inappropriate to say to a bunch of [children]", regardless of the intention.

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The internet has since gone crazy for the girl scout's no-nonsense way of dealing with the situation.

Twitter | EliMcCann

McCann's tweet about the badass girl scout has since received around 450, 000 likes, and 50, 000 retweets!

However, the girl scout's badassery only increased when McCann went to congratulate her for how she handled the situation!

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So impressed with how she handled the situation McCann said to her, "Your troop is pretty lucky to have you."

Facebook | Girl Scouts

And McCann said her response came with perfect comedic timing.

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She said, "You gotta be pretty tough if you're gonna go out in THIS outfit!"

Reddit | FlavioSchaden

And yes, it is perfectly natural to be thinking of the way that we can make this young girl president one day!

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The story has received a plethora of responses!

Other responses to the story included the likes of:

"Do not f with girl scouts. They are trained ninjas."

"And just like that, the #MeToo movement has made a positive impact on up and coming generations of females!"

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There always has to be one of these people, though.

Reddit | trippylovely

"Why would a grown-ass man say this or approach little girls like this? If I had seen this he would be knocked flat."

They start off strong, but it doesn't take long to devolve into the standard "internet tough guy" routine.

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Hopefully this girl scout will continue to take no nonsense in the future!

Facebook | Girl Scouts

I wish that I had that level of sass and self-confidence! With a generation of people like this coming through, the future is still bright, despite how bleak everything may appear at times!

h/t: It Just Gets Stranger

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