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Iggy The Kitty Has An Adorable Cat-Shaped Birthmark On His Nose

Caitlyn Clancey 11 Mar 2020

Good people of the internet, I would like to introduce you to Iggy.

This handsome boy is a 3-year-old cat from Japan who was found by his owner a few years ago while living on the streets with his mom and siblings.

He's a very special kitty. Want to know why? Because this cat has an even smaller cat-shaped birthmark on his little nose. That's why.

Just look at his face and tell me your heart didn't melt instantly.

According to this tweet from his owner, he was first discovered back in July 2017 as a stray. And for reasons that should be obvious, as soon as his owner posted these sweet pics of him to Twitter, Iggy went viral.

The post has 96,000 likes and nearly 50,000 retweets from people who just can't get over his unique facial markings!

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In a few follow-up posts, his owner explained that he was found with three other siblings, some of whom even share Iggy's fascinating fur pattern!

Look at that kitty beside our boy Iggy there. Definitely seems like they have the start of a cat-shaped nose marking themselves, too!

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As it turns out, Iggy's mom who was found with her four kittens wasn't exactly friendly.

Not known is much about her beyond what Iggy's owner posted, where they shared that the momma cat was "scary", and perhaps had "burned hands", according to this translated tweet.

The original poster shared that they helped rescue Iggy and his siblings and take them off the streets. While the other kitties went to good homes, the poster knew they wouldn't be able to give up sweet Iggy to someone else.

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So they adopted him themselves, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Judging from this particular tweet, Iggy was suffering from some undisclosed health problems when he was rescued. Thankfully his owner was kind enough to give him the proper care he needs, and shortly after he was rescued, they reported that he was "improving day by day."

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Now, three years later, Iggy is a happy, healthy house cat.

His owner has kept his fans updated with regular Twitter posts of this handsome boy and his adorable facial marking that has stayed the same as he's grown up.

Hey, you gotta give the fans what they want, right?

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It's great to see this once stray cat has found his fur-ever home and can now lounge around in sunbeams to his little heart's desire.

He can also rest easy knowing the internet loves him and his beautiful birthmark. He's definitely one of a kind!

Checkout Iggy's owner's Twitter for even more pictures and to keep up with this amazing kitty.

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