8+ DIY Projects That Should Have Straight-Up Never Happened

Brittany Rae 12 Mar 2020

Are you guys ready for some really, really bad DIYs? Because I totally am.

From mood-ring toilet seats to fixing things with Ramen noodles, these are the most WTF DIY crafts on the internet.

1. The toothpaste gun.

YouTube | 5-Minute Crafts

Hey, do you want a fun and really inefficient way to dispense your toothpaste? Then grab a mini water gun, some hot glue, and a lot of patience! You're about to be the owner of a toothpaste gun.

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2. Are you looking to waste $100?


Then I have the craft for you! For this piece of art, you'll need a Coke can, a plastic bottle, and a crisp $100 bill.

So what you're going to do is glue the money to the bottom of a cut-off Coke can, then melt the plastic bottle to that Coke can. Now you have a pencil cup! Sound good?

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3. Maybe don't let dad near the hot glue gun again.

Reddit | Max-1995

Reddit user Max-1995 posted this gem of his dad's, and I am just speechless. What possessed him to do this? Was he going for an artful, Jackson Pollack-like glue distribution? Is dad spending too much time on Pinterest?

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4. The Jeans Chair.

YouTube | Jenna Marbles

I'm gonna throw this over to Jenna Marbles, who decided to make this cursed chair with very middling results. Jenna?

"There's no bottom. It's ripping. And it's not sewn together. But if you sewed this? It's honestly... kinda sick."

So, if you have four spare pairs of jeans, a ton of stuffing, and sewing skills... new chair idea?

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5. Eat pizza as inefficiently as possible!

YouTube | Rocha KRG

Do you have pretty advanced welding skills? Then you can create this fork with a pizza cutting attachment, for one-handed pizza eating!

Wait, you mean you can just... pick up pizza? Yo, wtf?

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6. Five Minute Crafts is just a treasure trove of bad DIYs.

YouTube | 5-Minute Crafts

For every one good one they post, there's 99 bad ones. This cement toast coaster? It's one of the bad ones.

Remember Evan and Katelyn? They got on the case to see if it would actually work. Spoiler alert: of course it didn't.

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7. Find a super extreme way to eat ice cream.

Reddit | DiWHY

Are you too lazy to eat ice cream the old fashioned way? Then you definitely need to buy this drill attachment that will spin your ice cream in a pretty violent way for you to eat.

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8. I wish this was a joke.

YouTube | 5-Minute Crafts

Yes, yes that is clear tape with sunglasses drawn on them in Sharpie. No, it is somehow not satire. I don't know what's going on with Five Minute Crafts, but I hope they get well soon.

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9. This... pumpkin thing.

MD Originals

So, here's how this DIY started out: the person put a nylon over the rim of a cup, poured concrete into it, then took the nylon out, stuck the cup INSIDE the nylon, tied it off with rubber bands, and let it dry.

Why? Why was any of this necessary? Why?

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10. Do not do this. Ever.

YouTube | Blossom

This hack is brought to you by Blossom, who I also suspect are not okay. So here's what they did: They dried the skins of mushrooms and made a wallet.

That's it. That's what they did. Maybe... don't do that?

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11. WHY?

YouTube | Show Maker

Gosh, thank goodness for hot glue. If you ever run out of shoes, you can just make your own with hot glue!

I would just love to know what situation you'd have to be in where you had no access to shoes, but easy access to a hot glue gun.

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12. People sure do like doing weird things to toilets.

Reddit | u/radium-v

Someone really looked at a toilet and went, "You know what this needs? Duochrome vinyl decals all over it."

Points for application and creativity, I guess? Dressing up toilets sure does seem to be a sure-fire way to get dunked on, though.

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13. Let's end with another Jenna Marbles craft.

YouTube | Jenna Marbles

See, she saw that horrible soap hand, and she thought, "I can do that".

The craft involves pouring soap into a glove and letting it harden, then sticking it to the side of your sink. And I gotta tell you, it sure did not work at all!

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14. So, the mood ring toilet seat cover.

It's a thing. That someone saw. With their own two eyes.

But wait, it gets better! DIY YouTubers Evan and Katelyn thought it was such a funny idea that they actually tried making one — and it totally worked.

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