9+ Ways To Use Lego We Never Thought Of Before

Usually, when you think of Lego you only imagine it as a kid's toy. Right? Well, it turns out there are plenty of other uses people have come up with using those fun Lego bricks.

From making unusual jewelry pieces to creating bird feeders to even making lanterns, these are just a few examples of the cool things you can do with Lego bricks. Let me know what you think of these.

1. This Kitchen Island


Wow, check this out. Somebody had the genius idea to decorate their kitchen island with Lego. I gotta admit, this is really a unique piece.

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2. This Tissue Box


Now that cold and flu season is here, you may be stocking up on tissue boxes. So pretty them up with this cool idea.

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3. This Lego 'Star Wars' Guitar

This Is Why I'm Broke

Not only is this guitar made out of Lego, but to make it more special, it's also inspired by Star Wars' Millenium Falcon. OMG!

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4. This Lego Planter

Flickr | H.Y. Leung

If you're looking for an out-of-the-box planter, look no further than this idea. I think this is an absolutely fantastic concept. No?

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5. This Clock

Artsy Fartsy Mama

Make this cool clock to help you teach your kids how to tell the time in a fun way. How awesome is this? Thanks to Artsy Fartsy Mama for this idea!

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6. These Lanterns


Seriously, if I didn't know these lanterns were made out of Lego, I wouldn't have guessed it. They look so chic and sophisticated. I'm amazed.

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7. These Christmas Ornaments


Honestly, this could be a great project you could do with your kids for Christmas. Each child can make an ornament just like this. So pretty.

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8. These Earrings


Who knew that you could make pretty, tiered earrings out of just regular Lego? I certainly didn't. Don't you think they look so unique and fabulous?

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9. This Purse

Etsy | agabag

And on a similar note, how fun is this Lego purse? Talk about making a statement here. I would love to have this as my outfit accessory.

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10. This Bird Feeder


If you're an avid bird watcher and want to give your feathered friends a truly special feeding experience, this should do the trick. Absolutely amazing.

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11. This Coffee Table

Architecture Art Designs

Just like the kitchen island, this coffee table proves that when it comes to home decor, Lego bricks are fun and practical.

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12. This Gift Box


Wow, somebody went through a lot of trouble to create this really special gift box. I hope what's inside is equally as special.

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14. This Battleship Game

Flickr | Adam Dodge

Here's a great idea to upcycle some of your old Legos that you haven't touched in years. Turn them into an awesome Battleship game board.

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13. These Bookends

Tumblr | Legolot

I've always enjoyed looking at unique bookends and have thought of getting a couple, myself. Perhaps I should just get some Lego and make one instead.

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15. This Chess Set

Teach Beside Me

Oh wow, how cool is this Lego chess set? I honestly never would have thought of this idea but looking at it, it makes perfect sense. Thanks to Teach Beside Me for the idea!

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16. This Lampshade

Invizible Box

I bet your kid would be so impressed with you if you made them a fun lampshade out of Lego just like this. No? I think so.

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17. This Desk Organizer


If you're young at heart, you can totally come up with a cool Lego organizer for your grown-up desk. How creative is this?

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18. These Coasters

Instagram | @thinkbricks

Turns out Legos are the perfect blocks to make coasters out of. I mean, just take a look at this cool and chic creation. I love this.

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19. These Stairs

Travis Mark

Following suit from the kitchen island idea, these Lego stairs are giving me some good feels here. Isn't this project so ambitious? Wow, I'm impressed by this project.

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20. This Fish Tank

Wired Life

Why have your fishies swim in just a regular fish tank? You can adorn your tank with an awesome Lego architecture build!

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21. This Business Card Holder

Mama In The Now

Since you can pretty much build anything with Lego, why not just make yourself a funky business card holder? It definitely shows off your personality. Thanks to Mama In The Now for this idea!

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22. This Aquarium

Reddit | kst8er

I think every Harry Potter fan will definitely appreciate the detail and hard work that went into making this Quidditch aquarium. This is truly something else.

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23. This Key And Cable Holder


Never lose your keys again with this handy little organizer. It'll keep your phone charger handy, too.

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I had no idea you could make so many cool things out of plain Lego.

Giphy | Yule Log 2.015

I'm amazed at these people's creativity. I'll never look at Lego the same way again.

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