7+ Cute Upcycling Projects Made From Old Kitchen Junk

Brittany Rae 12 Mar 2020

Hey. We live in a new world. We're not just talking about reducing, reusing, and recycling — we're actually doing it.

So before you throw out some of those old kitchen tools you have, why not take a look at what new uses you could find for them?

1. Turn old ladles into candle holders.

Derek Asszony

As you can see, those ladles have seen some things. But that beat-up look is part of their charm! This is a totally unique look that I guarantee your friends don't have.

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2. If the ladles aren't your speed...

Design Intuition

These whisks absolutely slap. However, since placing actual, real fire in a whisk sounds dicey, maybe opt for one of those fake tea lights, instead? Just lookin' out for your safety here.

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3. Turn old cutting boards into art.


If your cutting board is past its prime, it's time to retire it — and turn it into art!

Give it a thorough clean, then get creative. If you're into resin, you could turn yours into an ocean!

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4. A rolling pin can be so versatile.

The Salvaged Boutique

How cool is this? This hack is pretty easy, too — you just need some curtain rods and some screws! I would totally paint my rolling pin, too, but that's just me.

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5. These old spoons make great garden markers!

Domestic Simplicity

Over at Domestic Simplicity, these charming spoons were turned into even more charming garden markers. Get the whole tutorial right here.

And in case you're wondering — no, the spoons won't rust if they're a pretty good grade of silver!

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6. Your old glassware would make great candle holders!


Try and tell me this isn't adorable af. If you have glassware that you're just tired of, turn them into candles! You can keep them, of course, but you can also give them as gifts. There, now your old cups are your friends' problem.

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7. Turn an old teapot into a planter.


Or any of your old glassware, really! If you've recently purchased a new one (or are just tired of your old one), turning your teapot into a home for your plant friends is a great idea. You can decorate or paint it before you do, too!

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8. Time to find something to do with all those mason jars.

Tool Source Direct

Remember when people were buying mason jars en masse? I do, because I totally did it. Well, I have great news! They actually make great lights, and it's pretty easy to do!

Follow this Instructable here if you want to give it a try.

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9. Turn your cutting board into an iPad stand.


A little glue and a piece of wood sure go a long way. If you're in need of a tablet stand and not in need of one of your wooden boards, get crafting!

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10. Put old pot lids to good use.

The Owner-Builder Network

So, you have some old pot lids. You know what I have? A use for those.

You can really do anything with pot lids here. I think painting them would make them look incredible, don't you?

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11. Make a wreath!


See, this is the kinda off-the-wall thinking I'm here for. When Tim at Goodwill saw these thrifted kitchen tools and utensils, they thought, "You know what my kitchen needs? Themed decor."

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12. Repurpose an old serving tray.

Home Talk

Chalkboard paint is about to become your best DIY friend. Use it on an old tray or plate that you're done with and give it a new job in your kitchen!

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13. Turn a muffin pan into an organizer.

Shabby Grace

Finally, a use for the abandoned muffin tins at the back of your cupboard! A little primer and some paint, and your muffin tin is now ready to continue life as an organizer.

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14. Turn a plate or pot lid into a clock.

Maker Mama

You can't deny how creative this is. Using a pot lid and a thrifted clock (the uglier the better — that way, you won't feel bad about taking it apart), you can make a cute farmhouse-inspired clock!

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