7+ Clever Marketing Execs Who Totally Nailed It

I know most of us can remember those annoying ads and marketing ploys that were really terrible and made you despise this industry.

But on the other hand, when you see something clever it does make you stop in your tracks and think, or even laugh hysterically. I think these products and ads can definitely fall into that better category. Tell me what you think.

1. This Milk Carton

Reddit | knavehabit

This might be only an old wife's tale but who are we to question that the warm cup of milk is the best sleep aid.

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2. This Bathroom Signage

Reddit | ilewis64

How clever for this restroom at a local market to place the XX and XY chromosomes next to the women's and men's bathrooms. Hee, hee.

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3. This Organ Donation Ad

Reddit | chongthestona

Whoever came up with this ad to show people the importance of organ donation is a genius. After all, you can't really take them with you.

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4. This Weight Watchers Marketing

Reddit | susierabbit

Wow, what a clever way to show people what Weight Watchers aims to do. It's all about transformation, right?

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5. This KFC Ad

Reddit | adamfcb

I love how cheeky this KFC ad seems to be. Nobody can really stop thinking of how finger-lickin' good this stuff is. Ha, ha!

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6. This Coffee Bag

Reddit | BarelyLegalSeagull

I dunno about you, but during a tiring day, coffee is really the only medicine I need. So it's fitting they would market it as so.

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7. This Construction Signage

Reddit | aka8812

I know it's super annoying to encounter construction especially during your travels but this Denver airport construction signage is at least trying to be funny.

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8. This Company Truck

Reddit | u/RandoSurfer77

Talk about trying to be funny. I think this company's truck marketing campaign pretty much nailed it. This is something pretty memorable if you asked me.

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9. This Energy Drink

Reddit | u/Ryne12

It's quite fitting for an energy drink company to use one of the most iconic faces that used to calm people into becoming happy painters.

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10. This Liquor Store


How convenient that this liquor store sells cleverly named, pre-made cocktail kits in Ziploc baggies making it super easy for anyone to become a bartender.

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11. These Books

Reddit | u/Samberd

A book store where books are wrapped in paper with short descriptions so no one will "judge a book by its cover"? Well, isn't that amazing?

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12. This "Grumpy Hour" Messaging

Reddit | u/dtwuva

Why use old and tired messaging? This smoothie shop has good prices during early morning hours, calling it "Grumpy Hour" instead of "Happy Hour". Ha, ha.

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13. These Ibuprofen Tablet Bottles

Reddit | u/and_eazy

Costco sells two ibuprofen products that are being marketed to those who buy Advil and the other being marketed to those who buy Motrin. Pretty smart!

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14. This Jerky Package


If you love jerky but hate how it gets stuck in your teeth, then someone at this jerky company is looking out for you. They included a flosser with each package of their product. Smart!

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When I stumble upon clever messaging, it really makes me think that there are people out there who were born to be marketing executives aka "Mad Men".


Kudos to them!

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