Keep Your Chill This Summer By Slurping On A Sangria Slushie

Brittany Rae 13 Mar 2020

Last summer, it was all about the Frosé. This summer? It's Sangria Slushies, baby.

With the warmer weather slowly creeping in, there's no better time to bust out your blender and start whipping up your new favorite drink. (Trust me, it's definitely going to be your new favorite drink.)

Meet the Sangria Slushie.

Isn't she a babe? I've never seen anything more refreshing-looking, tbh.

This has all the charm of the slushies you had as a kid, with all the alcohol you desire as an adult. It's win-win, you guys.

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There are a ton of different recipes out there for it.

Delish's version is pretty creative: they call for you to freeze red wine in an ice cube tray for eight hours. You then mix those in with honey, orange juice, and a bit of brandy.

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My mouth? It's watering.

Authentica's recipe is a little more fruity: it calls for straight-up berry Sangria, fresh berries, orange liqueur, and a ton of orange juice.

Perfect for those days by the pool, or for the days you'll be wishing you were by a pool.

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Of course, you could just hit up your favorite local spot for one.

Picture this: You, Sangria Slushie in hand, basking in the late afternoon sunshine (you have sunscreen on, you're no dummy). You're just enjoying life as a casual breeze drifts over the pleasant restaurant patio you're chilling at...

OMG, is it summer yet??

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