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Viral Photo Teaches Us All The Surprising Fact That Yes, Horses Can Sit

Caitlyn Clancey 13 Mar 2020

Here's something that you probably didn't know: horses can sit. No, really. They can. I was just as surprised as you are.

My limited interaction with horses has lead me to believe that these guys just stand all the live-long-day. After all, have you ever driven past a farm field and seen one just casually sitting to admire the beautiful scenery? No, not you haven't. And if you said you have, I don't think you're being totally honest with yourself.

As impossible as it is to believe, horses do actually sit sometimes. And there's even a viral photo to prove it.

The photo was uploaded to Reddit by user Fanmeme12345, and has gripped the internet with its shell-shocking news.

Reddit | Fanmeme12345

"I did not know that the horses could sit," the poster admitted in the caption. "I must say that this surprises me a lot."

You and me both, sis.

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To be perfectly honest, the horse in that picture looks like he's just finding out he can sit, too.


And the people of Reddit definitely thought something was off about this particular horse, too.

"He looks really surprised," one user pointed out, while another added, "This horse has lived before in a previous life. Just look at how the horse is sitting. It knows something."

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Refusing to simply go off one picture, I did some research and found out that while horses can sit, most don't.

Instagram | @anjasolido

In fact, according to Horse Side Vet Guide, the dog-sitting position, where a horse sits on its hindquarters with its forequarters raised, indicates an underlying health problem.

This could be abdominal pain, or perhaps hind limb weakness, paralysis or pain.

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That being said, perfectly healthy horses do, on occasion, drop to the ground for a little sit occasionally too.

Instagram | @luckyetica

One Reddit user shared that some equines assume this position after waking up from a nap, sort of like a transitional phase. Before fully standing again, they might sit like this and take a lazy survey of their surroundings.

So if you ever happen to see one doing just that, I suggest you take a picture and bask in that bizarre moment because it probably won't happen very often again, if ever.

But to be honest, now I'm stuck wondering... what else can horses do that I didn't know about?

h/t: Horse Side Vet Guide

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