11+ Smart Designs That Wowed Us

Most of the time, thinking out of the box is the best thing you can do. This is true especially when it comes to the world of design. Oftentimes, the best designers are the ones who just won't settle for the ordinary.

They aim much higher than that and want to give us something extraordinary. And I, for one, can definitely appreciate their creativity.

1. This Lid

Reddit | kiyoko11

If you weren't already craving salted caramel spread, looking at this cleverly-designed lid will do it. I want to lick it right off, ha, ha!

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2. This Tape Dispenser

Reddit | anajarte

I once had a job handing out and hanging up posters at local establishments. I would have loved to have this on hand.

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3. This Container Cafe

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

Oh my gosh, I've never seen anything like this before. This container cafe is fully mobile, self-contained, and solar-powered. Isn't that the coolest? Wow!

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4. This Child's Playroom

Reddit | AeroBearo

The previous owners of this house built a fully functional house for their kids underneath the basement staircase. What a super cool idea, huh?

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5. This Restaurant Sign

Reddit | Cortinian

This restaurant sign actually appears as half shadows at night giving this establishment quite the fitting ambiance. Good luck finding it during the day, though.

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6. This Map

Reddit | crucialfiction

Can you imagine if every building had a map displayed on it? None of us would ever get lost again. Ha, ha! I really love this idea.

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7. This Bench

Reddit | diogosavoldi

Wouldn't it be so cool if this bench that looks like a book was actually placed right outside of the library? Somebody's got to do that.

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8. This Statue

Reddit | randombeauty

If you look closely, you can see that this giraffe statue is made entirely of Lego bricks. Wow, that's definitely something different to see while sightseeing.

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9. This Cross Walk Signal Button

Reddit | beaned1

How amazing is this crosswalk button for blind people that tells them exactly how many lanes they have to cross? It has the direction of traffic, too.

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10. This Bike Rack

Reddit | madentr12

I think it's quite fitting to find a bike rack at a dentist's office that looks like it's being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.

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11. This Building

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

Apparently, this rock climbing building in Polur, Iran actually mimics the surrounding rocky landscape of Mazandaran. Now I can see why everybody is photographing it.

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12. This Band-Aid Packaging

Reddit | Tzpo_Prime

Somebody finally came up with a Band-Aid package that looks like an actual Band-Aid. That is an idea I can get behind. Plus, it's so easy to carry, too.

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13. This Mug

Reddit | forrest134

This mug is so cleverly designed, it actually doesn't need a coaster. Why would you need to buy anything else when this has it all? Nice.

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14. These Gaming Fingers

Reddit | ojaskulkarni4

For those who absolutely cannot put away their games, I introduce to you the "sweat-proof" finger covers. Wow, what are they gonna think of next? Huh?

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15. Nutella Fingers


And speaking of fingers, how do you like to eat your Nutella? How about just dipping this in your favorite hazelnut treat and straight into your mouth?

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16. This UV Light Phone Cleaner

Reddit | That1_Redditor

OMG, I really need this right now. I'm so paranoid about touching my phone with dirty fingers. I gotta get this ASAP.

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17. This Cat Dryer

Reddit | Criss-AC

Ladies and gentlemen, yes this is a thing. Apparently, now you can get yourself a cat dryer so your kitty doesn't have to run around wet. LOL!

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18. This Lounge Chair

Reddit | sedano704

Imagine if you got to your cottage and forgot your lounge chair. That would be a travesty — but not if you have this built-in deck lounger.

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19. This Rooftop Office

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Imagine if your house was built with a rooftop like this where you could have the best office ever? Isn't this a dream scenario?

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20. This Water Fountain

Reddit | danruse

Now both humans and dogs can have a drink of water when they're out on a walk. That's so considerate, isn't it? I love this idea.

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21. These Webbed Swimming Flippers


Talk about having an advantage here. If you're an avid swimmer you will definitely be keen to get your hands on these. Pun intended.

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22. This Water Bottle

Reddit | leaderwho

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Bring this baby to the gym to work out with and also easily hydrate afterward. Clever!

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If you secretly enjoy looking at amazing designs you're definitely my kinda person.

Giphy | Rhett and Link

I can waste countless hours searching for stuff like this. Oh wait, I've got plenty of time.

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