11+ Upcycled Ladder Projects To Add That Rustic Charm

Brittany Rae 18 Mar 2020

Upcycling ladders: it's actually more versatile than it sounds. With the right project, an upcycled ladder can make itself incredibly useful in your house.

From storage ideas to decor, here's some ladder upcycles to get your creative brain running.

1. Of course, we have to start with the classic towel rack.

Woodify Canada

Where would we be without towel rack ladders? No, I'm really asking — I have one, and I have no idea how I lived without it. It's such a space-saving and efficient way to organize your towels!

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2. Use one as a statement piece for your table.

Worthingcourt Blog

Hanging dried plants off of this suspended ladder was a genius idea. Not only does it give off the perfect rustic vibe, it cleverly hides the mounted lighting. This is a two-for-one hack!

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3. Repurpose one for your favorite frames!


Bet you didn't think of sticking a ladder on your wall, huh? Ladders make for great wall decor, especially if they have some width to them. They perfectly display your favorite pictures and knick-knacks!

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4. Create some clever shelving!


If you have an old ladder that's seen better days, split that baby apart. The wide steps make good places to put decorative baskets, and the flat top will mount easily to the wall.

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5. Pot rack? Pot rack.

Domestically Speaking

How genius is this upcycle? Not only does it look great, it's a genius solution for those extra pots and pans. Thanks to the bars, there's room for tons more, too!

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6. Create a bookshelf!

DIY Enthusiasts

This is beyond cool. This ladder wasn't content with hanging out on one wall — it just had to chill on two! This is a great way to show of your favorite books, and breaking them up with a plant is incredibly pleasing for the eye.

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7. Make a unique chandelier.

Two Paws Farmouse

If you can't find a chandelier to fit your style, make one yourself! This rustic ladder chandelier was made with some hanging pendant lights and a simple mounted ladder.

It's totally DIY-able!

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8. Find a new home for shoes.


This is especially useful for heels, as you can see. If you have a ladder that has a bigger width to it, you can lean it against the wall and use it for all types of shoes!

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9. Give your planters somewhere to hang out.

Olive and Love

Alright, this is so fun and creative. Why just hang your planters from the ceiling when you can hang them from a frickin' ladder?

Imagine a ton of plants hanging from that. It would be beautiful! Here's hoping it would be safely mounted to support that weight, though.

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10. Create a mini wardrobe.


Finally, someone painted theirs! Wood is amazing, don't get me wrong, but there's a place in this world for paint, too!

Mounting or suspending a ladder surprisingly makes for a great "no closet" closet.

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11. Make jewelry storage a statement piece.

DIY Zero

Don't hide your jewelry in a drawer or a box. With a ladder and some netting, you can turn your jewelry collection into rustic, cute home decor in no time.

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12. Copper ladders are so frickin' stylish.

Keep it Relax

Storing scarves can be tricky. This solution? The opposite of tricky. The copper is so gorgeous, and it'll fit in among all kinds of decor styles. It's also a genius way to store sunglasses!

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13. Let's finish with the blanket rack.


I mean, we have to, right? The blanket ladder and the towel ladder truly go hand in hand. This is a creative way to keep those blankets from getting balled up and abandoned on your couch.

Well... it gives those blankets a home when you eventually get around to cleaning them up.

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