Hilarious Twitter Thread Shows Gen X Was Born Ready For Quarantine

Lex Gabrielle 18 Mar 2020

If you're living here on planet Earth, there's about a 100% chance that you're currently worried and living through the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. While countries all over the world are working day-by-day to fight back against the world-wide illness, there are those who are currently prepping for total and complete isolation and quarantine.

For some, staying home for days on end sounds pretty intense.

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Having to stock up on pretty much all lifestyle essentials—food, hygiene products, and yes, of course, toilet paper— seems like an "end of the world" scenario to many out there.

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And, for many people, it's a terrifying experience to be living through.

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Having to be stuck at home for weeks on end with absolutely no chance of going out and about? Seems like everyone is in a state of panic and anxiety.

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However, one hilarious Twitter thread is proving that if you're a part of Generation X, you were born for a time like this.

Writer Lauren Hough started the conversation on Twitter when she posted a tweet pointing out that those born between 1965 and 1980 are more than prepared for this tipping point.

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She continued by saying that the overwhelming need to constantly be busy has "ruined" everyone.

She claimed:

"We tried to tell you this overwhelming need for activities and direction was weird and lame, and now look at you. Can't even stay home for a weekend."

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While it's a bold statement to make, Hough had a very solid point.

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It seems that more often, we're constantly worrying how to keep kids entertained and busy, rather than letting them figure things out for themselves. It seems as though her statement resonated with many other Gen X-er's, who began replying to her thread.

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Many people began to point out that as a Gen-X kid, you were used to doing nothing.

Twitter l @Rob_Rainbolt

One Twitter user said he felt as though his entire life was leading up to this one moment where he could officially and thankfully do absolutely nothing at all. Practice makes perfect, right?

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Another pointed out that their parents always left them alone.

Twitter l @HoarseWisperer

Living off of whatever was around the house is a norm for the Gen-Xer's. Parents used to leave their kids for days on end, not caring what would truly go wrong. Forget helicopter parenting—kids figured it out themselves.

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Another pointed out that they've been "slacking off their whole life in preparation for this moment."

Twitter l @lukemaynard

In all honesty, being in the Gen-X generation does get overlooked many times. We're always fixated on the Boomers ruining it for us, or the Millennials ruining it for future generations. Can't forget that Gen-X did... nothing.

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Others began sharing some memories from the past.

Twitter l @anneleaderegval

Can't forget the good old days of MTV. Plus, Gen-X kids were brought up learning valuable lessons and skills, like how to cook and always keep books in the house in case you are stuck inside for... a long, long time.

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One user reminded the world that Gen-X has survived the worst of the worst.

Twitter l @darylsturgis

Can't forget all of the major events in history that tried to knock out Gen-X for good. So many things came tumbling down for them, but they came out on top. They know exactly how to survive and, we should all take notes.

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When all else fails, we should just lay down and... think.

Twitter l @HeyTracyFacey

It's not always about, "what are we going to do," and instead it's sometimes just stopping and doing nothing at all. Laying down, thinking our thoughts, and not being "busy" 24/7— it'll save us.

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Many have been practicing it for years and years.

Twitter l @Twittle_Johnny

When the government says "stay away from everyone," some of Gen-X... well... most of Gen-X knows that's a regular day-to-day task for them. Easy as pie.

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And, of course, Gen-X is "relishing" in the idea of staying home for an extended period of time.

Twitter l @MareeB11

The very idea of having to stay home, not choosing to, is something that everyone should get behind. What's better than sweatpants and good food, some books, and your family? I'll tell you—nothing.

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So, while everyone is busy panicking for the end of the world, Gen-X is out there celebrating some R&R time.

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Because, what would they be if not consistent, right?

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