Tiny House Listings

Tiny Home Comes With Stunning Detachable Greenhouse

Tiny living is a movement I'm really interested in. In this world where we accumulate so much stuff and unnecessary things, perhaps it would be great to go the other way.

If you could scale down and live in a cozy little house without giving up all the modern comforts, would you? This tiny house has one special feature. It actually comes with a detachable little greenhouse. Wow!

You heard me right, this tiny mobile home called Elsa was created by Olive Nest.

Tiny House Listings

It actually comes with the most adorable detachable greenhouse so you can grow your own veggies.

This is a totally functional and comfortable mobile home that has all the amenities of a regular house.

Tiny House Listings

I'm talking about a full kitchen and bath here.

So you really don't have to sacrifice any comfort when you buy this $81,000 house.

Tiny House Listings

Even though it's only 323-square-feet in size it's very bright inside.

Also, because it's a loft-style unit, it makes it appear much bigger than it actually is.

Tiny House Listings

As you can see, there's plenty of clever storage areas all over the place.

There's even a fridge in the galley-style kitchen, and a full-size gas stove above the sink.

Tiny House Listings

Plus, the sleeping area is totally cozy.

As I mentioned, the most impressive feature is the detachable 85-square-foot greenhouse that comes with this tiny mobile home.

Tiny House Listings

So this home is not only carbon-footprint-friendly but totally sustainable, too. Amazing!

There's even an adorable porch with a very comfy swing you could enjoy while chilling outside.

Tiny House Listings

I could totally see myself spending time here.

There's also extra storage areas located under the stairs which is great because, why clutter such a beautiful place?

Tiny House Listings

It looks like they literally thought of everything here.

Could you envision yourself living in a mobile home just like this?

I could. And, if you get tired of your scenery, you can just pick up and go somewhere else.