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Robin Williams' Daughter Uncovers Old Photos Of Them During Her Quarantine

Alicia D'Aversa 18 Mar 2020

Now that the Coronavirus has swept the world and forced us to stay home, people are getting a lot of things done inside their houses that they were prolonging doing before.

In some cases, that meant spring cleaning.

With the Coronavirus sweeping the world, everyone is being suggested to go into quarantine for minimum two weeks to stop the slow of the virus.

That includes celebs! One of them being Zelda Williams, who is the daughter of Robin Williams.

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Seems Zelda is taking the Coronavirus quarantine seriously, and is using it to clean up her house!

Which is when she discovered something that made us all super emotional.

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When the world lost Robin Williams, it was a very sad day for everyone, especially his family.

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He was one of the greatest actors ever, and will forever be remembered in our hearts.

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His daughter, Zelda Williams, recently uncoverd some "fun old gems" involving her father.

The two seem to be having a great time in a photo booth, being super silly with each other.

So sweet.

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