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10+ Celebs Who Had Fights On Set

Jake Bean 25 Mar 2020

While we may think that celebrities are these amazing, infallible gods, believe it or not, they are still people.

People who get sad, people who get angry and people who, like us, get into spats with their co-workers.

These are all the celebrities who, at one point, hated their co-workers. Just like you!

1. Sylvester Stallone vs Richard Gere


Movie: Lords Of Flatbush

These two literally fought on set. It started when Richard Gere spilled some really greasy chicken on Stallone's pants and Stallone elbowed Gere in the head.


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2. LL Cool J vs Jamie Foxx

Warner Bros.

Movie: Any Given Sunday

There was some very real beef between these two on the set of Any Given Sunday.

It started when Jamie Foxx slapped LL, and it evolved into punches.

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3. Joan Crawford vs Bette Davis

Warner Bros.

Movie: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

These two ladies hated each other! They did all sorts of mean stuff to each other during filming, and it got so bad they made it into a mini-series in 2017!

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4. George Clooney Vs. David O. Russell

Warner Bros.

Movie: Three Kings

Ooh, for once we get to see a fight between a director and an actor!

As the tale goes, George Clooney was tired of David O. Russell yelling at everyone, and when he saw Russell yelling at an A.D, he took his shot.

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5. Rob Lowe Vs Tom Cruise


Movie: The Outsiders

It was during a mock brawl where Lowe accidentally punched the famous Scientologist in the face.

Tom wanted to get his own shot in, and he did. There was a quick brawl, but it was broken up.

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6. Rip Torn Vs. Norman Mailer

The Criterion Collection Inc

Movie: Maidstone

This feud was legendary.

There was an actual fight between the two actors, and it was used in the final cut. There's also a lot of debate over who bit who's ear.

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7. Lea Michele Vs. Naya Rivera


TV Show: Glee

Rivera has denied having a feud with Michele, but she did say this in her memoir:

"As Santana moved from a background character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen time. I think Rachel – erm, I mean Lea – didn't like sharing the spotlight."

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8. Corey Feldman Vs. Corey Haim

TV Show: The Two Coreys

This may have been played up a little bit because it was, in fact, a reality TV show, but the two Coreys got volatile after Haim made a comment about Feldman's wife.

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9. Tom Sizemore vs Val Kilmer


Movie: Red Planet

There has been a weird dynamic between these two for years.

But it all exploded on the set of Red Planet. Sizemore punched Val Kilmer in the chest (he was told to avoid the face).

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10. Patrick Dempsey vs Isaiah Washington


TV Show: Grey's Anatomy

All was not smiles and happiness on the set of Grey's.

In short, Washington implied Dempsey could not act, and the two of them got into a brawl.

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11. Steven Seagal vs John Leguizamo

Instagram: @johnleguizamo, @ seagalofficial

Movie: Executive Decision

Apparently, Seagal came into rehearsal saying: "I’m in command. What I say is law".

Leguizamo obviously laughed, and Seagal replied by slamming the actor into a wall with an Aikido elbow.

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12. Chevy Chase vs. Bill Murray


TV Show: Saturday Night Live

The two of them are SNL alumni, and they both got into a fight backstage during a show where Chevy was hosting.

But Chase seems to get into a lot of fights.

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13. Bill Murray vs. Lucy Liu

Sony Pictures

Movie: Charlie's Angels

Ever wonder why Bill Murray was replaced in the Charlie's Angels sequel? Because, reportedly, he told Lucy Liu that she couldn't act.

Liu didn't like this and apparently threw punches.

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14. Tom Hardy vs. Shia LaBeouf

The Weinstein Company

Movie: Lawless

It may be a joke, it may be serious, but the fact of the matter is that there was an altercation between Hardy and LaBeouf on the set of Lawless, and Hardy got knocked out.

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