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Parents Are Now Taking 'Baby's First Pandemic' Milestone Photos

It was only a matter of time for the Internet to take hold of COVID-19 and make it go viral in a very different sense of the word. From sharing sweet stories of Italians singing from their balconies in unison, to sharing their #quarantinecrafts, to people putting their Christmas lights back on, there are some seriously sweet stories coming out during such a grim and stressful time.

Parents are also getting in on a new trend that involves their young children.

If you're a new parent in the last few years, you might be familiar with milestone or monthly photos.

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It's a trend that sees parents setting up cute flat lay displays to show the world how old their child is and any updates about their developmental stages in an aesthetically pleasing photo made for Instagram.

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Parents have now created a new milestone photo opportunity for kids who are experiencing their very first pandemic.

Instagrammer @cristinawecker has set up her child Tyler with some toilet paper, sanitizer wipes, and of course, coveted toilet paper.

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It's a little dark, and these kids have absolutely no idea what's going on, but parents feel it's a way to lift others' spirits.

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"Because the world needs a smile right about now!," Instagrammer @__lioness.l captioned this photo.

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"This is a pretty unique milestone," Instagrammer @empoweredbyplay expressed.

Instagram | @empoweredbyplay

"We get that it’s no laughing matter....but have to lighten the mood somehow!"

There's no doubt this is a wild time many of us are experiencing for the first time, as well.

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