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Armadillo Lizards Are Basically Adorable Mini-Dragons

Amy Pilkington 20 Mar 2020

The internet is full of dogs and cats, and even has a pretty large selection of other fluffy creatures, but how about we give some love to the scaled ones too?

Even if you're feeling a bit burned by the final season of Game of Thrones, that doesn't mean you can't still love dragons.

Of course, fantasy dragons aren't real, but armadillo lizards look like tiny ones, so that's good enough for me!

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Look how cute these spiny little dudes are!

These definitely deserve the "dragon" moniker more than the Komodo dragon.

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But there is a reason they get their name from the plain ol' armadillo.

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These lizards curl up in self-defence.

Like armadillos, their exterior is covered in protective armor scales, but their bellies aren't as safe. Curling up protects that soft underbelly from predators.

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But instead of a ball, these lizards bite their tails and create a ring of protection.

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If that image looks familiar, then you probably won't be surprised to learn that their scientific name is Ouroborus cataphractus.

Ouroborus is the name for the classic image of a snake or other scaly creature eating its own tail.

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They can hold the pose for as long as an hour.

So it would be a very patient bird or other predator who would wait for their chance rather than just looking for easier prey.

Armadillo lizards are native to South Africa and were vulnerable to extinction for a while. But since strict penalties were created to curb illegal trade within the pet industry, they've bounced back.

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They can be great pets, but it's important to know where yours might be coming from.

Ethical breeding and care is important with all pets. As is researching to ensure you're getting an animal you have the time and resources to care for properly.

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