Blush Succulents Are The Definition Of Pretty In Pink

Brittany Rae 19 Mar 2020

Two words: Pink. Succulents.

Pink! Succulents! Can you believe how beautiful they are? Whether you're looking to add to your already budding collection, or want to start one for the first time, pink succulents are totally the way to go.

There are a few different varieties of pink succulents.

Etsy | FlashDealsCreations

This one is a pink Echeveria Laui. As it grows, the pink will fade to a dusty grey-pink, with pink tips. It's stunning at any age though, let's be real.

You can get the seeds for this one on Etsy!

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Some of them serve you some pastel realness.

Etsy | WalawalaStudio

Remember that dusty grey-pink I mentioned? Witness it. Take it in. Look at how beautiful that is!

You know where it would look amazing? A succulent bridal bouquet. Just sayin'.

Get the seeds for this one on Etsy.

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Check out this bad boy.

Etsy | WalawalaStudio

This is both tiny and cute, and I love it. These would be beautiful scattered through a succulent garden!

This one is called Sedum Versadense, and you can get the seeds on Etsy.

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The tips on this are almost hot pink.

Etsy | WalawalaStudio

As we know, the best thing about succulents is how many different shapes and sizes they come in! But the ones that have colored tips like this one? They might just be a little cuter than the rest.

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Who's ready to add some of these to their plant collection?


I know I am! Thankfully, I discovered them just in time for spring.

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