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Giant Outdoor Rocking Beds Are Here For The Ultimate Staycation

Brittany Rae 20 Mar 2020

Well, I've officially found the thing I wish I had for this summer. It's one thing to have a bed outside, but to have a rocking bed outside?

Guys, this summer, we're all staying in bed.

I have never needed anything like I need a rocking bed.

Touch of Modern

Look how cool this is! Not only is it an outdoor bed, but it frickin' rocks. Literally!

I love that it has an industrial air to it with the metal rocking frame. It sets off the wood so nicely.

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Imagine spending your summer in this.

Touch of Modern

You could spend your mornings drinking coffee in it, or your evenings watching the sunset.

Imagine taking your laptop out and watching a movie while surrounded by nature. I'm so in.

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You COULD also take it indoors.

Touch of Modern

Can you imagine having this as your bed in your master bedroom? Anyone who comes over to visit would have so many questions. And they'd also want to immediately try it out, let's be real.

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You can't buy this specific one anymore...


But outdoor beds are a huge thing on the internet, so it's not hard to find some other cool ones.

This one doesn't rock, but it mimics that same shape. 10/10, would take a nap in there.

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