10+ Indoor Fruit Trees You Can Actually Grow In Your Home

Happy Spring, everyone! I'm so thrilled to finally say that. Ha, ha! I've had enough of winter. If you're as excited as me to see flowers bloom, trees get green, and fruits to start growing, listen up.

Did you know you can actually grow certain fruit trees in your own home? OMG, I had no idea. So check out these amazing trees and get planting ASAP. Good luck!

1. Figs

I absolutely love the taste of figs especially on a toast with goat cheese, yum. Get a miniature Brown Turkey variety which tolerates heavy pruning and is self-pollinating.

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2. Lemons

The Meyer lemon tree is the most well-known and beloved indoor variety. It's small enough and self-pollinates. It will need six hours of full sun a day, though.

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3. Limes

Get a dwarf Key lime or Kaffir lime tree to add to your collection. With plenty of key limes, you'll be ready to make pies in no time.

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4. Passion Fruit

OMG, you had me at passion fruit. I adore it and had no idea I can grow it indoors. It will need a trellis to climb up, though.

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5. Olive Tree

Yes, it's considered a fruit tree. If you want it to bear fruit it needs cooler temperatures for about two months. The leaves are also perfect for tea.

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6. Avocado Tree

Are you obsessed with avocados? Hello, home-grown avocado toast. Ha, ha! Get a grafted starter plant such as Wurtz, Gwen, or Whitsell to have the best chance of fruits.

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7. Peaches

Wow, I had no idea you can grow peaches indoors, too. Wow! Make sure you plant it in a large pot with loamy soil and fertilize regularly.

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8. Bananas

What? You can grow bananas in your house? Ha, ha. Isn't that unbelievable? In order for this tree to prosper it will need a lot of sunlight and humidity.

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9. Mulberry Tree

Oh, mulberries are so good for you. Have you ever had them in your cereal? Amazing. And this fruit tree is actually the easiest to grow.

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10. Apricots

Not only does it produce yummy fruits but just look at these blooms. So beautiful. Get a Moorpark tree which is an excellent dwarf variety perfect for indoors.

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11. Orange Tree

Apparently, Calamondin orange trees are the easiest to grow indoors. It's a hybrid of kumquat and mandarin orange. They prefer full sun and are great for cooking.

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12. Nectarines

As you can guess, if you can grow oranges indoors you can also grow nectarines. They also bloom with gorgeous flowers. The Nectarella variety is the best.

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13. Ground Cherries

Not too many people know about these fruits. They're also known as Cape Gooseberries. Their flavor is something between a pineapple and a tomato. Hmm, interesting.

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Wow, looking at all these fruit trees is making me crave a fruit salad, ha, ha! I really have to try to grow at least one of these myself. I gotta!


I really have to try to grow at least one of these myself. New goal!

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