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Unlock The Doors Of Your Fortress With A Fantastical Sword Key

Everyone should think of their homes as their very own palace or castle. Sure, they may not be a million square feet with moats, knights, 10 floors, or the threat of invasion by another ruler, but they're still your own little fortress where you can feel like royalty.

The only way you should be entering your castle is with a sword-shaped key, in my opinion.

How cool is this sword key?

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If you think about it, a key really is like a sword that protects the safety of your home from unwanted visitors!

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Online shop Hero's Armory makes an array of whimsical sword-shaped keys to suit your style.

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Their sword keys are also made for the most standard universal key designs, like Kwikset, Schlage, or Yale, so definitely determine which key design you need for your home before you order.

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Once you order your nickel-plated brass key, it's ready to be brought to your local locksmith or hardware store to get customized.

Hero's Armory

If they mess up, Hero's Armory will replace the key for free! They really are our very own knights in shining armor.

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No more having to play a game of key roulette to figure out which key belongs to which lock — you should have no problem finding your trusty sword key on your keyring!

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Find them on the Hero's Armory website for $12.99 each, or check the company's Instagram to see what con they'll be at next!

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