12+ Genius Ideas That Prove We're Truly Living In The Future

I'm constantly coming across amazing ideas people have come up with that are really showing us how things might look in the future. I mean, why haven't we thought of them already?

Oh well, better late than never, right? Let's take a look at some of these inventive ideas and let's hope there's more where these came from.

1. These Emergency Alarm Cords

Reddit | EGPL21

There are emergency alarm cords running along the floor of the bathroom in the Berlin Airport in case someone falls over and requires assistance. Wow, impressive!

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2. This Highway

Reddit | ilemi

This area of Hong Kong has a section of the highway which actually cuts through the buildings. That's something we might see more of soon.

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3. This Hamster Ball

Reddit | chunk-the-unit

Normally, I would have laughed at this but since the COVID-19 outbreak, I'm starting to think this might be our new normal going to the grocery store.

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4. These Benches

Reddit | thoughtgun

This park has reversible benches so you can choose to look at the park or the waterfront. How interesting. No?

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5. This Fridge

Reddit | seraphim2703

Wouldn't it be so cool if your fridge had revolving levels so you could reach everything easily? This one does and I really love it.

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6. This Supermarket

Reddit | ThaRealPablo

Apparently, now Dutch supermarkets are using plastic shields to protect cashiers and the customers from each other. This might be in our nearest future here, too.

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7. This Social Marker

Reddit | vingatnite

On the same token, we should get used to seeing more of these social distancing markers being implemented at many more, if not all, supermarkets.

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8. This Beer Can

Reddit | Johneresman

On a lighter note, this beer can lets you point the tab at your initial so you'll know which can is yours. No more stealing beers.

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9. This Zipper Bag

Reddit | tendies_til_im_free

This plastic zipper bag has two pads of sandpaper that let you grip and twist the bag open instead of using a slider. How interesting!

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10. This Self-Checkout Cart

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

This AI self-checkout shopping cart features a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper. Plus, it has an interactive screen providing best deals, tailored recommendations, and recipes. Wow!

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11. This Parking Lot

Reddit | Cindypi13

In this parking lot, the paint lines continue to go up the wall in order to help people park a little easier. This is so cool.

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12. This Evacuation Plan

Reddit | cawclot

This hotel's fire evacuation plans are at the ground level so you can see them if smoke has filled the hallways. That is a genius idea.

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13. This Spatula

Reddit | Alentheflannel

This awesome spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter. I think that's super smart and handy, too.

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14. This Airport Bathroom

Reddit | bellz2

Isn't it annoying when you really gotta go and you're trying to figure out which stalls are occupied? This bathroom's lights show which stalls are free.

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15. This Chair

In the future, we all might be sitting, reading, or lounging on this modern looking chair. I really wanna get me one of those. Ha, ha!

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16. This Imprinted Fruit Label

Reddit | Ryanisapparentlycute

As we all try to eliminate plastic as much as possible, this might be what we end up seeing in supermarkets instead of stickers. The information is just stamped right on the fruit.

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17. This Lamp

The creative design of this lamp gives you an opportunity to choose how much light it will emit. Not only is it functional, but it's also fun.

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18. This Nail Polish Bottle

Reddit | Pastel_Bishop

Finally, a nail polish bottle that lets you see exactly what nail polish color you're buying. I love this attached swatch idea. Totally genius.

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19. This Gazebo

Now, this isn't your typical gazebo, is it? I absolutely adore the modern design of this space. It looks so cozy and seems like a perfect escape from reality.

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20. These Elevator Buttons

Reddit | Chrnan6710

This might be an idea we will be seeing a lot more of. No need to touch any buttons with your fingers, just use your feet.

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21. These Ice Cubes

Reddit | BenjiMalone

A local cafe uses some ice cubes made from frozen coffee so your iced coffee won't get watered down. I do this at home!

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22. These Empanadas

Reddit | DeionizableNormality

Just like the imprinted fruit, these empanadas tell you what flavor they are right on the crust. My guess is: beef, pork, and BBQ chicken? Your turn.

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I really can't wait to see what smart people are going to come up with next.

Giphy | Reyka Vodka

Whether it's for safety or fun, all this stuff is so needed.

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