10+ Memes For Parents Stuck Homeschooling Their Kids Right Now

Lex Gabrielle 23 Mar 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a lot of curveballs to many of us across the world. Offices, schools, businesses, and everything in-between are closing to help flatten the curve.

Due to this, students are now receiving their education for the foreseeable future at home—with mom and dad as the teachers. While teachers are supporting parents with resources, let's just say that parents aren't totally enthused about being a "co-teacher."

1. And, that school isn't what it used to be.

Subjects change over the years—especially math!

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2. If only teachers could drink at school all the time.

Instagram l @erikamichelledunne

Suspensions are flying out left and right—imagine these actually went on their records.

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3. Parents are changing up the unit plans.

If the kids are home, they might as well help out where we need them the most. They're gonna learn today.

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4. At least some parents have their humor still.

Instagram l @iamsarinaduvall

Can't deny that it's absolutely hilarious, and the truth.

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5. Spirit week in full effect.

"Meltdown Monday" sounds like every teachers Monday—not lying one bit.

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6. Be careful what you wish for!

Some parents just aren't cut out for that much time with their kids under such tense circumstances. Nope.

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7. Some kids still need to be "whipped into shape."

Dad may have to stand in for the "school bully" for now.

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8. This... isn't going as planned.

Someone tell them they need to read!

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9. Oh how perspectives have changed.

Facebook l Hip Homeschool Moms

Moms who homeschool on a regular basis are out here saying, "Hahaha, you thought it was easy!"

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10. Putting kids in their place immediately.

Twitter | @om_eye_goodness

No games, no prizes.

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11. If you're homeschooling toddlers, forget it.

The schedule for education is as follows:

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12. Not everyone has the patience to teach.

Yells in math.

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13. Parents are realizing that their kids aren't angels.

Instagram l @mylifesuckers

You may want your own child transferred out of your class—imagine having 30 others in the room with them.

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14. All in all, homeschooling has taught us one thing and one thing only...

Giphy | TV Land

Teachers are the unsung and underappreciated heroes of our nation.

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