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Cadbury Creme Egg Cocktails Are Like Easter's Egg Nog

Aren't the holidays lovely? You get to reunite with family who you may not often see and catch up (aka try not to fight) over a table full of delicious food that everyone's spent long making.

I know I'm not alone in saying that the best part of the holidays is the dessert, and when it comes to Easter, Cadbury Creme Eggs hold the crown on the top of the dessert food pyramid.

You may know quite a few people who are Cadbury Creme Egg haters, which is very sad and disappointing.


Sure, they are filled with an extremely sugary and gooey center made to mimic an egg, which is kind of nasty, but that's arguably the best part of the treat!

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Now you can enjoy the taste of that sweet Creme Egg center in cocktail form.

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It's like Easter's version of egg nog.

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Every site has their own unique recipe, but the one ingredient they can all agree with is some sort of vanilla-flavored vodka.

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The recipe by Delicious calls for vanilla vodka, condensed milk, white crème de cacao, cold milk, yellow food coloring, and two Cadbury Creme Eggs to garnish.

They also rimmed the coupe glass with melted chocolate, because you can never have enough!

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If you're feeling creative, try pouring your cocktail in a hollowed chocolate Easter egg or chocolate bunny like this bar did.

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This is definitely an after dinner drink to whip out to impress all your Easter guests!

Are you team Creme Egg or nah?

Let us know!

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