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Generous Neighbors Are Turning Their Little Free Libraries Into Little Free Pantries

You may be familiar with Free Little Libraries. People build mailbox-looking shelters on their properties for books so that people in the community can take and read them, and return new ones when they're finished. It's such a simple way to create community in your neighborhood!

People are now converting their Free Little Libraries into Free Little Pantries for those in need during this time.

It's been amazing to see how communities are stepping in to help one another during this scary and stressful time of uncertainty.

One of the ways people are supporting one another is by swapping books in Free Little Library shelters for pantry staples.

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Once the WHO deemed COVID-19 a pandemic, it seemed people immediately rushed grocery stores to stock up for a lifetime supply of goods.

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This has led to toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant shortages, along with non-perishable items.

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Not everyone is hoarding these items, however—many people have been quite generous in sharing the wealth in their communities.

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With pleas for families to socially distance themselves, and with states even ordering residents to stay inside, these neighborhood pantries help those in need.

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People are hoping these pantries operate the same way as the libraries do.

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Take what you need, and donate back if you're in a position to do so.

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Juxtaposed against a newsfeed of greed and selfishness are communities of people supporting one another and bringing people together, even if they can't physically see it.

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We love to see it!

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