Pop-Tarts' New Frosted Confetti Cake Bites Are Worth Celebrating

I have to be honest, I was suckered into buying Pop-Tarts' Bites when they first launched a couple years back. Take a food and make it smol and cute? Say no more.

But when you're a toasted and not an un-toasted gal, it doesn't matter how smol and cute they are, they just don't hit the same.

Even though I wasn't too impressed with the Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavors, Pop-Tarts just launched a Confetti Cake flavor, and I am 150% about T H A T.

Get the guest list ready! Pop-Tarts is getting the party started with their new Frosted Confetti Cake Bites.


I'll tell you though, I'm having a party for two, and only me and these are invited.

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These are, of course, miniature versions of their Frosted Confetti Cupcake pastries, if you hadn't guessed.


According to Cerealously, they taste like grocery store cupcakes, "the kind so uniformly slathered in granulated icing that few notes of vanilla, egg, or buttercream are able to rise above its sugary intrigue suppressors."

So, they're apparently very sweet.

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These lil ones should be no different, minus the fact that they can now be enjoyed on the road.


And what's stopping us from heating them up? Pop them in a toaster oven and you're set.

A box of 10 pouches will cost $4.98 to enjoy, and for that price point, I'm willing to add these to my pantry of things-I-shouldn't-snack-on-but-I-will-anyway.

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