11+ Memes For People Who Aren't New To This Whole 'Social Distancing' Thing

Lex Gabrielle 24 Mar 2020

In this relentless and trying time for us all during a global pandemic, it's sometimes hard to find a reason to laugh and smile.

While everyone has been ridden with anxiety, there are those online who are out there trying to make us crack a smile or a laugh, and we're thankful for them. For those who are actively practicing social distancing, this is for you.

1. Dogs are the real winners of quarantine.

Twitter l @dog_feelings

Let's face it, dogs are winning. All pets are really winning. The "stay at home" time with our furry friends is real.

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2. Introverts are thriving right now.

Instagram l @cinephile.memes

We've been prepping for a time like this... our whole lives.

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3. It's a vibe.

Instagram l @alikolbert

Number one on all streaming platforms, we know that the true reason it's "not working out" is because we can't risk it.

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4. Admit it, you know it's you.

Instargam l @thesocialdistanceexistence

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest. We all can't log off for a minute. And, when we do, we end up right back where we started.

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5. YOLO.

Instagram l @jasonmmustian

I think I'd like to live by airport rules for the rest of my life, not going to lie.

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6. Cheryl, it's all her fault.

Twitter l @mollytolsky

Saves you a ton of time where you would be yelling at your roommates or significant other.

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7. Big things!

Twitter | @blairsocci

Just want to be involved in the fun activities everyone else is doing!

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8. True love.

Twitter l @nicpellegrino

Can't imagine married life can be worse than staying in the same small apartment with your significant other for an extended period of time.

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9. Huge glow-up.

Twitter l @betchesluvthis

You call it lazy, I call it saving lives.

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10. Yikes, he's right.

Twitter l @Jeffasanoff

God forbid we want to end the conversation with our moms who won't stop asking how many times we've washed our hands today.

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11. Romance ain't dead, y'all.

Twitter l @samfischer52

Here's hoping!

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12. From 0-100 real quick.

Instagram l @bumble

What better way to get to know someone than via FaceTime?

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13. It has to be a joke, right?

Instagram l @mytherapistsays

The whole world is on lockdown, what can go wrong?

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14. Literally, same.


You know what? I was never much of a people person to begin with.

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