9+ Ways To Give Your Home Instant Curb Appeal

Brittany Rae 24 Mar 2020

Curb appeal: it's the epitome of judging a book by its cover. To get your home into drool-worthy shape, try out a few of these helpful upgrades!

Now you can judge other people's houses while knowing your own is the best on the block.

1. Add some greenery.

Is there anything that instantly improves the look of a house like plants do? Adding in new trees, bushes, or even flowers can really take your house to another level.

Just make sure you install sprinklers so that you don't spend all your time watering them.

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2. A little paint goes a long way.

Brick is fine for some, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Painting the brick on this house was totally the right choice. It's more modern and stylish now. And those windows don't hurt either, do they?

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3. Freshen up your door.

New paint and hardware on a door can make a huge difference for your curb appeal. Why not try out a contrasting color, or something you wouldn't necessarily want inside the house?

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4. Cover up unsightly (but necessary) additions.

Design, Dining, and Diapers

AC Units are necessary, but man are they ugly. Many people have turned to covers to deal with them, and man are they better looking than those big, bulky units! Thanks to Design, Dining, and Diapers for this great idea.

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5. Add a feature wall.

Who says feature walls have to be indoors? This house got an amazing upgrade with the addition of some wood siding for the front window area. Removing that huge bush was also an upgrade, let's be real.

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6. Outdoor lighting will really up your nighttime game.

Patio parties and late-night barbecues will never be the same. Adding built-in (or just regular — we aren't all millionaires, after all) lighting will make your home feel inviting and cheery.

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7. Hide your garbage cans.

Listen, garbage cans are ugly. That's just a fact. Instead of living with it, you can do something about it! This clever garbage can cover cleverly disguises the cans from view, and the wheels allow it to be moved out of the way easily for garbage day.

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8. Update your shutters!

If your house comes with some classic shutters, why not freshen them up? Sanding them down and cleaning them will give them new life, and new paint will modernize those bad boys.

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9. Give everything a good ol' power wash.

I mean, what's better than seeing all that dirt and gunk get blasted away? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

You can rent a power washer from your local home hardware store!

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10. Clean that yard up.

Yard maintenance can be difficult, but it's necessary. Cleaning up and reinvigorating your lawn will really pump up your curb appeal. All that new green is just nice to look at, you know?

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11. Add a gorgeous fence.

How minimal and gorgeous is that new fence? Adding one will really help finish off your yard. It adds a feeling of structure to your home, and you can still show off your personal style with one!

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12. Choose your welcome mat wisely.

And by "wisely," I mean, "choose one that best reflects you and your family." If that's a welcome mat that just says, "bite me," more power to you. Actually, I kind of want a mat like that now.

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13. Replace the outdoor lighting.


Let's be real: that porch light has been collecting dead bugs for a few years now. Swap it out for something new and modern to infuse your house with some new energy.

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14. Fix up the walkway.

Own the Yard

A well-done path is a great way to literally lead people to your home and welcome them in. You can really get creative with how you do your pathway, too!

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15. Add a window box or two!

Unsplash | Hubert Van den Borre

Window boxes are so inviting. They make your home feel cozy and vibrant at the same time. Add some greenery to your window ledges with a simple window box, or grow some of your favorite herbs in one!

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16. Time for a new mailbox.


Mailboxes are such a reflection of your home's personality, so why not get one that really speaks to you?

I'd personally go for a gold one, but I'm a super tacky person, tbh.

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17. Paint your fence!

Growing Spaces

Because why not? No one said you have to have a boring fence (unless you want a boring fence, no judgement here).

Just make sure to check with your neighbors before you paint your fence pink, okay?

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18. Upgrade your house numbers.

Ugh, those numbers are stunning. Swapping out your house numbers for something that looks more custom is a surefire way to make your neighbors jealous, and impress visitors. Or both? Both is good.

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19. Replace your hardware.

Old knobs, handles, and railings can really start to date a house. Swap them out with new ones, or paint your existing ones in a different color and finish! May I suggest mint? That could be cool.

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