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Captain Morgan Is Ready For Summer With Their New Creamsicle-Flavored Rum

Y'all, I don't know about you but I am r e a d y for summer. I just want to get outside, maybe go to a few backyard bbq bashes, and go to the beach-beach to catch a wave, or something like that. @ me Nicki Minaj!

The one thing I'm absolutely craving from the deepest depth of my bones about summer is all the fruity flavors that match the bright sunshine and the hot hot heat. Remember that band? Someone please stop me.

Creamsicle is definitely a flavor that screams "SUMMER!" loud and proud.


Who knew the zesty punch of orange would work so well with creamy vanilla ice cream?

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And now Captain Morgan just casually combined all the greatest flavors of summer to create the ultimate warm weather beverage.

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Spiced rum, meet Orange Vanilla Twist.

The Captain came ready dressed for the occasion, too! Just look at all his fun tropical shirts.

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This flavor would be perfect in an adult slushie, and I would not be ashamed to mix this with Coca Cola.

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Look out for it on your next booze run, or find it online for $16.99.

There's nothing stopping you from getting the summer party started early!

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