7+ Home Hacks We Wish We'd Known Sooner

Brittany Rae 25 Mar 2020

How come no one ever tells you that owning a home requires more work than just living and sleeping in it? As it turns out, it's actually a lot more work when you factor in things like cleaning and doing repairs.

If you were a bit behind on learning this, have no fear. These helpful hacks will catch you up in no time.

1. Send a lemon down your kitchen disposal.

Unsplash | Sarah Gualtieri

One of the quickest ways to clean out your garbage disposal is with a slice of lemon! It'll clean the blades and deodorize your sink at the same time. Lemon it up!

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2. Save yourself a cleanup job.

Reddit | thatguyovertherestan

This is just so satisfying. Some Reddit commenters suggested even more alternatives that don't involve tape, like folding a post-it note, or holding a dustpan with one hand.

Others said to vacuum after, but that's just silly.

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3. Rearrange your furniture with ease.


For those who prefer good ol' handwriting, this planning system is perfect for when you get the itch to rearrange your furniture!

If you prefer digital, The Floor Planner is the tool for you!

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4. Stack your soda cans instantly.

Reddit | zleb_mada

Here's how it works: open one end of the box. Place the box in the fridge, with the open end facing inwards. Open the other side. Push the cans through with your hand. Boom, instantly organized. I have tried this and can 100% confirm it works.

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5. Shrink wrap your cables to stop them from fraying.

Reddit | tamiyatt01d

Bought a new cable? Great. Hop on Amazon and buy some shrink wrap, too, because that cable is about to last a lot longer than you thought it would.

Preventatively shrink wrapping it will stop it from fraying!

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6. Put compost in the freezer.


I can't believe I never thought of this. Instead of having the compost stink up wherever you store it, bag it up tight and keep it in the freezer. My mind? It's blown.

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7. Organize your fridge according to meals.

Reddit | sariejanemitt

"Each bin is a dinner! I put together all the ingredients so I can just pull out a bin and everything is right there!" This genius hack has been brought to you by sariejanemitt on Reddit.

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8. Your screwdriver and a magnet are meant to be.

Reddit | wolfwood1011

Hanging pictures, shelves, and other decor items can be a pain in the butt. Putting together Ikea furniture? Hell on Earth.

Enter the smartest hack ever: attach a magnet to your screwdriver. It'll help keep the screw steady while you screw it in!

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9. Use silicone to open stuck jars.

The Container Store

Do you have a silicone mat or rubber gloves? Then you have a solution to opening a stubborn lid. Simply lay the mat down over the jar and twist! 10/10, have tried and can confirm it works.

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10. Drill holes in your garbage can for easy bag removal.


There's nothing more annoying than having your inner garbage can liner come out when you're trying to just remove the bag. The vacuum created there can be solved by drilling two small holes along the bottom side of the inner can!

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11. Lay out your gallery wall with paper before you commit.

Porch Daydreamer

Gallery walls can be really difficult to envision, and even more difficult to put up. Before you go for it, measure out your pictures with paper and put those up to get an idea of how you'd like to lay out your frames! Porch Daydreamer came up with this brilliant hack.

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12. Combining your pantyhose and a vacuum is a winning combo.


Lost something in your carpet? It's not gone forever — simply wrap pantyhose (or a thin sock) over the nozzle of your vacuum. It'll catch what you're missing without dooming it to the pit of your vacuum bag.

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13. De-pill your sweaters with a disposable razor.

Instructables | kelleymarie

I have tried this, and it totally works! If your shirts, sweaters, or pants have the dreaded pills, take a disposable razor and gently run it over them.

It also works on furniture, which is great news for cat owners. Y'all know why.

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14. Get grease stains out with dish soap.

Flickr | Danny Niceblouse

So, it happened. You were eating pizza, and you weren't doing it delicately. Hey, it happens! Hit the stain with some dish soap and scrub thoroughly. Grease stains are what dish soap is best at!

I know this goes without saying, but please don't put dish soap in your washing machine. There, my conscience is clear now.

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15. Use a magic eraser to clean your kicks.

Giphy | ADWEEK

There's about a billion* ways to clean scuffed up shoes, but nothing beats the easiest method: a magic eraser. It cleans dirt and marks off of your shoes so well that they'll look brand new again! No other hacks involving toothpaste or baking soda required.

*Rough estimate.

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16. Wrap lettuce in paper towel to help it last longer.

Reddit | wiscowonder

This was my nana's favorite trick, and my least favorite to do as a kid. But it works! For lettuce that you don't want to dry out, carefully layer it in layers of paper towel. It'll last so much longer than if you let it sit on its own!

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17. Clean your microwave with minimal effort.

Unsplash | Tirza van Dijk

This one could not be easier. Microwave a bowl full of lemon slices and water, then let it stand while the steam does its thing. Wipe down the interior afterward, and voilà! Low effort, high reward.

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18. Use vinegar to remove water stains from your faucets.

Repurpose and Upcycle

Rather than doing the "fill a bag with vinegar and somehow attach it your faucet" trick, simply soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap them around the affected areas. Remove after a few hours and wipe them down!

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19. Keep your paintbrush fresh.

Domestic Imperfection

Need to use that paintbrush again? If you're painting a room (or trim), odds are you'll use it over and over. Simply store it in an air-proof bag and use it again the next day! Thanks to Domestic Imperfection for this hack.

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20. Moving just got easier.

Reddit | duh-vey23

This is the epitome of "work smart, not hard." If you're moving (or maybe swapping out your winter wardrobe for summer), gather up your clothes in a garbage bag and pull the tie tight. It's smart and lazy.

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21. Put a shoe organizer to work.

Pinterest | Courtney Harper

I mean, forget shoes. This hack is about to save your laundry area, too. Hang up the organizer and add in all your laundry essentials, as well as the cleaning supplies you reach for most often.

I might do this one, tbh.

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