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8+ Celebs Who Hire People For The Weirdest Reasons

Alicia D'Aversa 25 Mar 2020

Celebrities lead very busy lives, probably a lot busier than most people think.

But because they're celebrities, it means that they can hire people to help them out with their busy lives.

And that means hiring someone who is more than just a regular assistant.

Celebs are busy people and have a lot to do during their day.


Between traveling the world for concerts, or dealing with hectic work schedules when filming, they can go through a lot!

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Because of that, some of these celebs need an extra hand.


Whether it comes down to a nanny, or a butler, or someone to carry their drinks, celebs can't do everything themselves.

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Sometimes, there are reasonable requests for a celeb personal assistant, like helping them carry their bags.

But these next "helpers" that were hired weren't hired to carry bags.

Ready for some weird jobs? Let's get into it!

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1. Lady Gaga

Instagram | @ladygaga

The Weird Job: Nighttime Cuddler.

Lady Gaga's old assistant, Jennifer O'Neill, sued her for unpaid overtime. One of the tasks she says she was forced to do was to sleep and cuddle with the pop star.

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Jennifer O’Neill said this about the arrangement:

Giphy | Lady Gaga

"I was by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

One person's dream is another person's nightmare.

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"That includes sleeping in the same bed with her. Because she did not sleep alone."

Instagram | @ladygaga

"Unlike anybody else on that tour, I did not have my own hotel room. I was not asked if I wanted my own hotel room."

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2. Larry Ellison

YouTube | Manufacturing Intellect

The Weird Job: Speed Boat Driver, Basketball Wrangler.

So here's the deal: billionaire Larry Ellison likes to play basketball on his yacht. However, sometimes the balls go overboard.

So he hires someone to follow him in a speedboat and grab the balls that go overboard.

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3. CeeLo Green

Instagram | @ceelogreen

The Weird Job: Sweat Wiper and Gum Handler

CeeLo is a strange man. He has a person who not only wipes the sweat from his brow for him, but also puts a piece of gum in his mouth.

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4. Nick Young

Instagram | @swaggyp1

The Weird Job: Shoe Guard

It seems that Swaggy P has so much swag that he needs people to guard it. Specifically, he needs people to guard his very swaggy footwear.

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5. Mariah Carey

Instagram | @mariahcarey

The Weird Job: Drink Holder

Mariah Carey is the original diva, so it's no surprise that she hires a person to hold her drinks for her.

Drinks with straws, of course, so she doesn't smudge her lipstick.

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"There was a woman that held her drink with a straw. That's all she does, flies around the world as a drinks holder." said her vocal coach Carrie Grant.


"It's like old monarchs had food tasters," said her other vocal coach, David.

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6. P Diddy


The Weird Job: Umbrella Holder

A man named Fonzworth Bentley was hired by Diddy to hold an umbrella for him.

He even made a career out of it!

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No, we are not lying.

It literally became his trademark, and people love him for it.

It's definitely one of those little things that will go down in history.

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7. Snoop Dogg

Instagram | @snoopdogg

The Weird Job: Blunt Roller

Well, I hate to say it, but duh. Of course Snoop Dogg has a personal blunt roller on his staff. He wasn't going to do all that work himself.

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In fact, Seth Rogen has even seen the person in action!

"He knows how to gauge the look on someone’s face when it seems like they might want a blunt," Rogen said, "And if they do, he gives you one!"

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8. Prince Charles

Giphy | BBC

The Weird Job: Personal Undresser.

Freaking royalty man. Turns out that Prince Charles has not undressed himself in a long time, and has someone do it for him.

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9. Justin Bieber

Instagram | @justinbieber

The Weird Job: Pizza and Coke holder

Bill Hader himself told the world that Justin Bieber used to employ someone to follow him around and hold his pizza and his diet coke.

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10. Ariana Grande

Instagram | @arianagrande

The Weird Job: Carrier

Don't worry, she isn't a crazy diva.

It's actually because when she gets off the stage after a long night of singing in heels, she is sometimes in pain!

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In fact, it even turned into a little skit on "Carpool Karaoke".

James Corden carried Ariana Grande into a Starbucks so she could make her order.

It's really a sweet video.

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11. Oprah

Instagram | @oprah

The Weird Job: Bra Handler

Oprah has to have everything perfect, which is probably why, according to TMZ, she hires someone to make sure all her bras fit perfectly.

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12. Pink

Instagram | @pink

The Weird Job: Nipple Pincher

Pink reportedly has her best friend pinch her nipples before she goes on stage.

It's definitely one of the weirder jobs, and I'm still not quite sure why she needs that done.

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"Before I go on stage, I have this little ritual I always go though," she said.

Instagram | @pink

"I usually drink a couple of beers and do my make-up… Oh, and I also make my best friend grab my nipples – that gets me good to go."

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If you were a celeb, what weird thing would you want to hire an assistant for?

Giphy | South Park

Would it be something as simple as walking your dog? Or would you have someone sing you lullabies before bed?

Let us know below in the comments!

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