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15+ Pics Where It Pays To Know The Backstory

Ryan Ford 25 Mar 2020

While we may not get to the gym every day, or even every other day for that matter, chances are we all work out our scrolling fingers on the regular. We're good at scrolling, right? We can really whiz down our feeds in search of relevant info.

But what's good and relevant and interesting isn't always apparent on the surface. It can really pay off to dig just a bit deeper to get the context. Don't miss out because you're scrolling too fast!

1. The ultimate indoor paradise?

Reddit | umotex12

In Germany, an old blimp hangar was transformed into an indoor waterpark with a distinct tropical islands theme.

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2. Your eyes aren't deceiving you.

Reddit | ajcs1000

Not only is this a pretty fun optical illusion, it's also a cutting board. No idea if it would be a challenge to work with, but it sure would be a nice accent piece in a kitchen.

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3. What a difference a few billion dollars makes.

Reddit | chucksastro

This is one of the most famous astronomical bodies, known as the Pillars of Creation.

On the left is an image taken with a backyard telescope by an amateur astronomer. On the right is the Hubble image. Still, that image on the left is pretty darn incredible for a backyard setup!

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4. If you look closely, you can make out a face.

Reddit | Saltnvinegarbread

That's because this is a 2,000-year-old Roman coin, understandably worn down over the millennia. Just think of all the hands it must have passed through.

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5. Well, this is both unfortunate and ironic.

Reddit | Opfaff

Someone broke open their stress ball, not only costing them the ability to reduce their stress, but creating more with a great big mess to clean up.

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6. Not just any old tree.

Reddit | ConorBft

This one is located in Hiroshima, Japan, just 750 meters away from where the atom bomb detonated in 1945. It somehow managed to survive that blast and still blooms in the spring.

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7. Yes, those are bubbles in someone's eye.

Reddit | clash8920

Sorry, I know this isn't the most appealing pic out there, but it's still fascinating. This person had gas injected into their eye as part of a procedure to help heal tears in the retina.

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8. That must feel better.

Reddit | mangobedient

This person underwent an iron infusion. You can literally see the progress as the iron takes hold from top left to bottom right, with about six hours passing between.

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9. You wouldn't want a bowl of these for breakfast.

Reddit | scavenger_hobo

But you might still want them in your home, because they're loofahs. You can even grow them in your own yard; they're in the cucumber family.

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10. Instead of putting a carpet down at this house, they stenciled one onto the floor.

Reddit | zkhrv_a

A lot of painstaking work would have to go into stenciling on a carpet, don't you think?

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11. This cat has a distinctively square patch of dark brown fur.

Reddit | arthurdentstowels

And it wasn't always like that - it's the result of the shave it received before spaying. For some reason, the fur just grew back dark brown on that square.

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12. When the snow day is juuuuust right.

Reddit | Brannigans_Laww

This girl makes it look effortless because it largely was effortless - the snow came down in such a way that it was easy to roll it up like a carpet.

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13. This doesn't necessarily feel like a thumbs-up situation.

Reddit | cirippo

However, a bright mind figured out how to 3D print an adapter to allow a scuba mask to be used as a ventilator mask, which is probably a bit more comfortable than the alternative.

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14. This hospital bill isn't quite as nasty as it looks.

Reddit | jpark4g

This represents the bill for someone who spent 18 days in the hospital in South Korea dealing with COVID-19. Of course, the bill is in South Korean won, so after exchange, it works out to about $35 U.S.

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15. Couldn't be much clearer.

Reddit | jaycesuo

With traffic off roads during COVID-19 lockdowns around the world, we've seen satellite images showing considerably less air pollution. You don't need to see a satellite photo to know what it's done in Manila, however.

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16. Not just another night owl.

Reddit | ronrunronne

With the world necessarily doing as much remotely as possible, this professor is recording a lecture for his class out of his garage, at midnight.

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17. In the British Virgin Islands, there is a massive pile of conch shells.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

It's been built up over hundreds of years by fishermen discarding the shells. It has been carbon dated back to the 13th century.

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18. I know, this just looks like mopping up after a pretty fun taco night.

Reddit | czcc

But no, it's much worse. This is what the paper towel looks like after wiping down a TV in a smoker's home. Yikes. That's pretty disturbing. And if you think that's bad, just imagine their lungs.

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19. I know this looks like an evil genius's lair, but it's much more brilliant than that.

Reddit | jiggyputtar

This is a museum dedicated to whales and whale-watching, located in Norway. You couldn't ask for a much more appropriate design than this!

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20. These might look a bit like tasty brisket at first, but it's actually fire resistant timber.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

It's glue-laminated wood that has been shown to survive in 1,000-degree C (about 1,800 F) flames, for as long as two hours, while still bearing a full load. That's a nice, promising construction material!

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